Conductive Education 10k – 31st Oct 2010

Chris Harlan-Marks reports: I decided in a moment of madness to take part in the Foundation for Conductive Education 10k, despite having run in a rather punishing cross-country race the day before, as my mom was in town and she wanted to watch me in a race.

Having run this race in 2008 and 2009 I was expecting lots of cake and general friendliness.  Fortunately, I was not let down in either regard this year.  (Rob will be glad to know that I stayed away from the baked goods until after the race this time…)

There were 13 BvHers taking part in the end – no other single club had more than about 2 runners taking part – which was fantastic where support was concerned, particularly on the out-and-back stretch along the Rea Valley, as we all clapped and shouted each other when we passed on the path.  I started off at a pretty ambitious pace (for me) but really started to feel the effects of the previous afternoon’s race during the last mile or so and invariably lost a lot of time.  I still managed a PB though, so I was pretty happy with that.

Thanks to Martin Foster & co. for all of their organisational efforts yet again, and to all BvH runners who took part for being such a generally supportive lot.  I will definitely be back again next year.

8 Chris Harlan Marks SM Bournville 42.21
14 Andy Hoole SM Bournville 43.42
15 Terry Doherty MV55 Bournville 43.44
16 Barry Gardner MV40 Bournville 43.55
21 Alec Croke MV50 Bournville 45.12
23 James Gittens MV40 Bournville 45.39
33 Maggie Curtis FV35 Bournville 49.19
34 Barrie Roberts MV60 Bournville 49.47
44 Primo Zavoli MV60 Bournville 54.14
45 Lesley Proctor FV45 Bournville 55.47
67 Steve Atkinson MV55 Bournville 62.28
74 Terri Knight FV35 Bournville 66.26
77 Katie Roberts FV60 Bournville 73.08

One Reply to “Conductive Education 10k – 31st Oct 2010”

  1. Thankyou Chris H-M for submitting a Race Report on the Foundation for Conductive Education 10K.It was a very special occasion for me as my wife Katie and son David were also running and we all finished in `reasonable` times.Katie has acquired another BvH Club Record.

    Thankyou to Martin Foster and Team (which included Nick Price as Referee and FCE Staff) for running a successful and enjoyable event.
    Barrie Roberts MV65