Conductive Education 10k – 2nd Nov 2014. By Paul Gorman (plus results).

This was my first attempt at the Conductive Education 10k and I found it to be a very enjoyable event indeed. It was well-organised, friendly, flat, and was made especially great because there seemed to be teal everywhere! There were also BvH members as marshals, and support from many other BvHers and family members, so thanks to Laura Leslie, Simon Newman, Nicki, Alice and Grace Stewart, Claire and Eva Hammond, and Taz Yousaf (there may have been more that I didn’t see!). All in all, it was a great effort by BvH members to support this charitable event in every way.

I was super-motivated to run hard for this race, as we were at a party last night and my friend was showing us some old photos of a previous party we were all at a number of years ago. We were all amazed (and amused) to see a photo of me before I started running. I knew I was heavy, but the photo really shocked me and gave me a little more determination for the race today! I owe a lot to BvH for being a big part of helping me turn my life around!

Starting at the Conductive Education centre, this two-lap course is mainly on Cannon Hill Park, but extends onto the Rea Valley route, and a little onto the Pershore Road (but not much). In total, 175 people competed in the event, and 22 BvH members completed the course!

The conditions were pretty great for a 10k today, so I felt quite good for the whole race and was delighted to knock almost 90 seconds off my 10k PB, which I set in London this year. My time of 39:18 was my first sub-40 minute 10k, so I definitely felt that I had earned my Veggie Sausage, beans and mushroom brunch when I got home!

BvH women won the team prize, which was a great achievement. Also, to my knowledge and from brief conversations I had with people, PBs were also achieved by Jon Hammod, Antony Stewart, and Áine Garvey (sorry if I missed anyone, but well done to you all). All the other BvH results are below.

I would recommend this race to anyone, so many thanks to Martin Foster, who is the race director, and all the great volunteers/marshals for putting on a very successful 10k race.


Position Name Club Age Cat Time
16 Paul Gorman Bournville Harriers SM 39.18
17 Daniel Wilson Bournville Harriers MV50 39.39
22 Andy Wheeler Bournville Harriers MV45 40.28
23 Jonathan Hammond Bournville Harriers SM 40.32
27 Andy Hoole Bournville Harriers SM 41.15
39 Linda Howell Bournville Harriers FV35 42.59
40 Antony Stewart Bournville Harriers MV50 43.19
51 Sarah Rock Bournville Harriers FV35 44.52
64 Suz West Bournville Harriers FV35 45.57
65 Matt Bromhead Bournville Harriers SM 46.15
69 Jack Roberts Bournville Harriers SM 47.02
75 Barrie Roberts Bournville Harriers MV70 48.57
80 Laura Gale Bournville Harriers FV35 49.52
83 Jude Glynn Bournville Harriers FV50 50.18
85 Aine Garvey Bournville Harriers SF 50.38
87 Stacey Marston Bournville Harriers FV35 50.52
90 Steve Doswell Bournville Harriers MV55 50.58
117 Emma Hopkims Bournville Harriers FV35 53.52
122 David Jenkins Bournville Harriers MV50 54.53
138 Andrew Humphries Bournville Harriers MV50 58.34
142 Sharon newman Bournville Harriers FV35 59.12
165 Alan West Bournville Harriers SM 67.02

8 Replies to “Conductive Education 10k – 2nd Nov 2014. By Paul Gorman (plus results).”

  1. Well done on your PB Paul and well done to all the other Harriers who ran.

    It was nice to be on the other side to watch so many BvH’s racing before heading off to do a race of my own.

    So many brilliant results, I will be doing this race next year!

  2. Definitely a great race and lovely route – different enough from Parkrun to not feel too familiar. Thanks to all on the course for the support

  3. @Thomas – Provisional results were posted on our BvH facebook page, but I do not know when the final results will be posted (it is not a BvH event, it is organised separately by one of our members). I was under the impression they would appear on Power of 10 when ready, but I could be wrong –

  4. Where can we find the official results listing for this race? I can’t seem to find it anywhere and it’s not yet on RunBritain.

  5. First time I’ve done this race, but definitely not the last. Thanks to all supporters, marshals and organizers, especially to Mark “the human bollard” Cooper. Great to see a teal takeover and well done to all who ran. Paul you have inspired me to break the 40minute mark, which I have found elusive so far!

  6. Well done to everyone involved – racing, organising, marshalling, supporting etc. I really enjoyed spectating though there were so many BvHers that my hands hurt from all the clapping! Congratulations to all!

  7. Thankyou Paul for your prompt action in writing and putting up a Report on the Conductive Education 10k Race, which took place this morning.on our Club Website. It clearly was a successful and enjoyable occasion.

    Putting on a 10k race in and around Cannon Hill Park is quite a challenge,for a multiplicity of reasons,and the Race Director,Martin Foster,and his Team are to be congratulated on their endeavours.

    PS.Congratulations Paul on running sub-40 minutes for the first time.

  8. Great report Paul. Well done on your PB and on being the first Harrier home 🙂 It was a great event and good to see so many friendly faces.