Coach confirmed for the National XC Champs, London – 25th Feb 2012

A 33 seater coach has been booked and the names that have indicated their interest to travel on the coach.

BvH has entered 23 members to take part in the National Cross Country Championships, to be held at Parliament Hill in London on the 25th February.

If members are interested in coming along to support BvH teams as well as watching the spectacle of 1000’s of runners charging across the fields of north London, we have hired a coach to travel down to the event.

Further details of this event can be found here

The names we have so far to travel on the coach are as follows:

  1. Nicola Cumley (not traveling back to Brum)
  2. Mark Doudican
  3. Danny Wilson
  4. Stuart Pearson
  5. Sarah Rock
  6. Brain Pearson
  7. Paul Dugmore
  8. Bradlee Tod
  9. Sam Chatwin
  10. Paul Thompson
  11. Rob Andrew
  12. Kerrie Andrew (tbc)
  13. Fiona Heath Brown
  14. Gary Blackman
  15. Kathryn Holliday
  16. Gareth Cadd
  17. Linda Howell
  18. Laura Leslie
  19. Stuart Leslie
  20. Paul Gorman
  21. Marianne Hensman (not traveling back to Brum)
  22. Paul Hensman (not traveling back to Brum)
  23. Sue Ward
  24. Richard White – BRAT member
  25. Mark Ince – BRAT Member
  26. Martin Ludford – BRAT Member
  27. Sharon Weldon
  28. Matt Slater
  29. Julie D-Slater
  30. Rachel Ward
  31. Becky Hampson
  32. ?
  33. ?


We still have a few spaces left and it is possible some of the (tbc) names will not travel, so if you’re interested in coming to the event please let either Sharon Weldon or Steve James know. First come first served (as the say).

There will be a small charge to cover the hire of the coach which will pick everyone up and drop off at the Rowheath Pavilion.  This is a great opportunity for competitors and supporters to travel together and will not only save the hassle of traveling down separately or driving,  parking or getting across London town by rail and tube but also it would be great for team spirit..

Come and support your team at this great event…


8 Replies to “Coach confirmed for the National XC Champs, London – 25th Feb 2012”

  1. quite a few people have dropped out so i have contacted friends at stourbridge and sparkhill to see if they want places.
    if you know of anyone in other local clubs who you think might want to come down with us let them know – and then let me or steve know so we can keep an eye on numbers


  2. The coach will depart from Rowheath Pavilion at 9.30am in the morning and will be aiming to depart London at 5pm in the evening returning back to the Pavilion.

    The cost will be £15 each payable on the day.

    Two places are still available….HURRY!

  3. Just two places left on the coach to the National XC.
    Please let us know if you wish to go ASAP?

  4. Sorry, misunderstood, not got any supporters, just little ole me 🙁 hopefully we’ll be needing a space for Stuart’s Dad, the legend, Brian 🙂


  5. Hi Sharon, I’ve also emailed Steve J to ask for places for my Dad and Paul as supporters. Thanks 🙂

  6. the coach will be leaving at 10 from rowheath
    the places not taken up by runners will be allocated first come first served

    so so far to my knowledge that’s

  7. A 33 seater coach has been booked for the journey to the National XC. More details to follow soon..

  8. I’d be interested in a seat (as a supporter) as long as I wasn’t taking the place of a competitor.