PJ Pursuit 5km handicap open for entries!

This year’s twixmas 5km handicapped race is now open for entries! sign up here!

Start time will be early morning (approx 9:30 – 10:00) on bank holiday Tuesday 28th December, at Rowheath. The race is open to club members of all abilities, and is quite simply a race to cross the finish line first!

Your start time will depend upon you best 5km time of the calendar year 2021. If you don’t have a 5km time, but do have a time for another race distance, you can use that using the calculator linked in the sign-up form, to determine an equivalent 5km time. So get digging into your race results for the year.

As a simple example, if athlete A has a 5km season’s best of 21:00, and athlete B has a season’s best of 26:00, then athlete B will begin the race precisely 5 minutes earlier than athlete A.

Many will choose to keep warm during the event, by wearing their night attire! Enjoy the exhilerating experience of racing in your pyjamas, or ditch the dressing gown when you set off in your preferred racing gear.

Any questions, please ask Imogen and Dave P.

Photo courtesy of Pete Hickman 2018

Due to the nature of the handicapped start, DO PLEASE SIGN UP IN ADVANCE. It’s free, and there are no penalties for pulling out after signing up.