Claire and Jon Hammond report on the ‘Birmingham City Hospital Ultra Marathon’

“Instead of running the Birmingham Half Marathon this year, Claire decided to enter the “Birmingham City Hospital Ultra Marathon”.  This event required 9 months of preparation, and although they tell you the date, it can occur at any time.  In our case it happened 7 days late, which coincidentally was also Claire’s 30th birthday.

Claire’s labour started at 1.30am and by 4am she had me packing the car with all sorts of baby paraphernalia.  Yes, although this event is open to lady competitors only, male support is definitely required, and I did my best to avoid making annoying comments – not sure I succeeded but Claire was very nice to me throughout!
The course is interesting and varied, including birth balls, chairs and stools, and the on-course support Midwives were amazing.  At 6.38pm Claire crossed the line and we received the best goody bag possible, a lovely daughter called Eva Marie Hammond and weighing in at 7lb 13oz.  Eva is looking forward to supporting us and all our BvH club-mates as soon as we can make it back racing. – Jon”

18 Replies to “Claire and Jon Hammond report on the ‘Birmingham City Hospital Ultra Marathon’”

  1. A good race report John, without reverting to the use of a ostentatious cake ending, you modestly do not say where your team finished… So I imagine you probably won…BRAVO.

    PS, I’ve just sold my querky keyboard to a Dadaist poet( more like Madaist poet if you ask me)

  2. Congrats both, the best finishing medal you could ever wish for!

  3. Photos at last – horrah! She looks like a beaut. Congratulations to you both xxx

  4. Aww, congratulations to you both! She looks gorgeous, and suited to teal 🙂

  5. Congratulations to the 3 of you. Great report! Lovely photos.

  6. Jon just sent some photos through too 🙂 (see above). Congrats to you both! 🙂

  7. congratulations both. her name is absolutely beautiful. as the mother of boys i am jealous of you being able to name your daughter maria (as a middle name, its my mums too) 🙂