Cinder Path 10k Cross Country Run – 11:00am Sunday 26th October,2014 – Sutton Park. By Barrie Roberts.

This Annual Race,which has been taking place for the past 20 years,is promoted by the Norman Laud Association (A charity which seeks to support children and young people with special needs,and their families).As Mark Cooper wrote two years ago: `the course has a little bit of everything.` And so it proved to be the case.I`m glad that I was wearing my mult-terrain footwear. Grass,tarmac,cinder,mud/bog,undulating,inclines/hills,uneven ground, and tree roots + leaves in the wooded areas. Windy,cool and cloudy first thing ie.on arrival, but the temperature climbed well into double figures by the time of the Start. Quite pleasant conditions for a Sunday Morning Run,but the 10k Course was challenging. As Mark Cooper (who is currently recovering from injury – and we wish him well) said in a previous Cinder Path 10k Report: `Every year I do keep saying: “That was tough,not doing that one again!” `

Seven BvHers successfully completed the challenge in this year`s run. The finishing times were as follows:-

  • Linda Howell               00:43:29
  • Matthew Pollard        00:47:11
  • Monica Baptista         00:51:13
  • Barrie Roberts             00:52:20
  • Jude Glynn                    00:52:29
  • Emma Hopkins             00:56:56
  • Taz Yousaf                     00:57:45

Some good solid runs from the sea(lake,pond) of teal participants. Linda`s time,for such a challenging multi-terrain course was `outstanding.` When the going gets tough,the tough get going.`

PS. The post-Race tea + cake/gathering  at the luxury camper-van BvH`s HQ was a pleasant occasion.Hopefully, Taz can contribute some photographs to go with this short race report.

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