Chagford Two Hills Race – 31 May 2010

Lesley Pymm reports from the Chagford Two Hills 3.45 mile race in Devon. After a pretty wet and cool Sunday, I woke on Monday to find that the weather had changed and that Bank Holiday Monday was warm and sunny – not exactly the best weather for running up and down hills in Devon.

The sunscreen was slapped on and we were off! As usual, the children were off like a mass of bats out of hell – only to be caught up by the older runners when we reached the first hill. Passing children who were resting by the side of the path, I eventually reached the top and the first very welcome drink station. This run is less than four miles long and there were three drink stations which were all needed.

The first one included sponges which were also very welcome before heading off down the hill – only to be overtaken by these fearless children who I had passed on the way up. The ground was dry and there was no way I was hurtling down. Eventually I got to the bog between the hills. It was not as wet as it can sometimes be, but still pretty boggy. Then it was over the road, following a stream uphill to the beginning of the next climb. This second hill was not so high, but much steeper.

The downhill is easier, however, as the paths are not so treacherous. At the bottom there is a run over the common before nipping through the gap in the hedge, over a bridge and into the playing field to the finish. Great cakes provided by the Guides and local ice cream whilst we waited ages for the results and presentations. A lovely run and great excuse to go to Dartmoor every year.