Centurion 5 miles – 29 April 2012

Lesley Pymm reports: This was the race that was put on to replace the one that was postponed owing to bad weather in February when it snowed. I know what I would have rather run in! The weather was atrocious today. It was wet, cold and there was such a strong wind.

I was still nursing my poor old knee, so this was never going to be a fast time. Just as well really as there were rivers where there used to be a path in places. I felt so tired at the end and was really pleased to finish and get into the hot shower. My time, for what it is worth, was 47.19.

The marshals from Centurion RC were out there and were as supportive and motivational as ever. Whatever it was like for the runners, it was worse for them.

As ever there were the many prizes at the end, series ones as well. There is always such a good atmosphere at these runs and it is good to run the same course over a number of months in the winter to monitor progress.

I am fully aware that many of you will have been doing the Stratford 1/2 today and all I can say is: ‘well done to all of you’. I was so pleased to be only running 5 miles.

One Reply to “Centurion 5 miles – 29 April 2012”

  1. You are clearly a very dogged and determined person,and I strongly suspect that amongst the running fraternity you have many admirers .I do hope that you are not doing too many runs whilst still injured eg.`nursing my poor old knee!` As well as participating and getting around I would hope that your general health shows some improvement/enhancement ,in a relative sense, as a consequence of your huge commitment to this great sport of ours. You are a tegend in your own lime. Keep the reports coming in.
    Barrie Roberts