Carding Mill Canter Fell Race, Saturday 2nd March 2019

Laura Gale reports:

Galeforce Carding Mill100% chance of organisers understatement (wind being described as “draughty” at the start….)
95% chance of cursing on an uphill
80% chance of cursing on a downhill
10% chance of doing any actual cantering
100% chance of stunning scenery (gotta love Shropshire!)
100% chance of extreme climbs and fast rocky descents (Standard. I don’t get out of bed for anything less)
100% chance of being overtaken by someone in the 70 age category (First rule of fell racing: *NEVER* underestimate *ANYONE* on the start line)
100% chance of hardy marshals
100% chance of quality toiletage (National Trust never disappoint in this department)
100% chance of a massive scone and jam at the end