Cardiff Half Marathon

Anna Ostojitsch Reports: It was a mixture of excitement and nervousness I returned to Cardiff to try for a second time to complete this half. Last time I was in Cardiff I pulled up at 2/3 miles with an achilles injury and as such I didn’t want a repeat performance. Advertised as ‘flat, fast, iconic’ Cardiff Half marathon meanders it’s way through the streets and tourist attractions of Cardiff and the surrounding areas, it encompasses the harbour, Norwegian Church, Penarth Marina, Roald Dahl Plass and finishes not far from Cardiff Castle. Despite my pacing going out the window after mile 1 due to a call of nature costing me 5 minutes which I then tried to catch up and resulting in burning my legs out by mile 7 a PB was still achieved, The Cardiff crowds were fabulous with plenty of vocal support as well as nutrition and even hydration. The goodie bag, medal and t-shirt were one of the best I have ever had.  All in all I conquered Cardiff and had a lovely event to boot

2 Replies to “Cardiff Half Marathon”

  1. Congratulations on achieving a PB Anna. Next year,without the `call of nature`,you will go even faster. Yes,it is a splendid course – `flat,fast and iconic`. Sorry,as happened last year, I just missed you! I was running around Cardiff City Centre on Saturday, and acquired a Silver Medal in the Cardiff Mile/BMAF 1 Mile Road Championships.