Cannon Hill Park Run 4th Sept 2010

Chris Harlan-Marks is one of several Bournville Harriers who went along to the second Cannon Hill Parkrun.

Caroline and I tried out the Parkrun at Cannon Hill on September 4th – we felt like we had to, as the race was taking place where our back garden would be if we had one. It was the 2nd time the event had been run but our first experience with it and we plan to come back and run it again anytime Cross Country is cancelled.

We had a nice chat with Graeme Beavers at the start line who informed us that he’d picked up an injury on holiday and was hoping it might magically disappear if he ran on it a bit. (Very familiar logic…) Gary Harper (former Bournvillian, now running for Birmingham University) was also there, as was Andy Wheeler who ran it with his kids.

The event was very well organised and quite friendly on the whole, and a good mix of abilities were represented among the 50 or so people running. Caroline narrowly missed a PB but enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, and I managed a very small (2 second) PB.

14th | Chris HARLAN-MARKS | 19:43 | SM25-29 | Bournville Harriers

Full results here.

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  1. Thanks Chris
    If only it were so simple…..on-off, plus-minus, zero-one, yin-yang, red lorry- yellow lorry flying down the fibre optic high way avoiding silver surfers doing 60 in the middle lane, its no wonder we need a binary code, and I’d be the first to sign up if it was enforsable..

    Anyway I have managed to hand craft my bar code and so to make sure it would work, I scanned it on one of those ‘one item or less’ self service tills they’ve got in supermarkets these days.

    The bad news Is, I’m a chicken Kiev, the good news is I’ve been reduced to 98p, due to a soon to expire best before date.

    It’ll be just my luck that the organizers stop me from running on account that I should have been consumed yesterday.

  2. With Cofton Park out of use tomorrow and next week. It will be an Ideal time fo BVh runners to run Cannon Hill Park Run please entry online by 6pm tonight. I have done quite a few park runs around the country and found them good fun ( I think). and remember they are run by voluneers. The best thing of course they are free!
    Alas i won’t be their as running Goodrich 10km on Sunday.

  3. I’m having trouble visualising that, Ed. Could you re-type it in binary code this time?

  4. My printer is not working and I’ve misplaced my glasses, but I could give a description of my barcode if someone could print it off for me I would be grateful.

    So here goes, if my memory serves me correct;

    Line, thin space, thin line, space, thin line, double thick space, thin line, thin space, thin line, thick space, medium line, thin space, thin line, thin space, medium line, thin space,thin line, thin space, medium line, medium space, thin line, medium space, line, space, thin line,thin space, medium line, medium space, thin line, medium space, medium line, thin space, line,space, line, space, thin line, space, medium line, thin space, thin line, space, line, medium space, medium line, thick space, thin line, space, line, medium space, medium line, thin line, thin space, thin space, line …………………………………………………………………………………………..But not necessarily in that order.

  5. Do you just print out your bar code and show up for this race?
    I would like to run this Saturday

  6. That’s no good. It’s always tempting to want to run through it, so I completely understand, but sounds like you need to rest it a bit if Saturday actually made it worse. Hope it gets better soon.

  7. Thanks Chris – well done to both of you. As is probably the norm the injury is now worse!! Hey ho. A great little event though and recommended to all.