Cannon Hill Parkrun – 28 May 2011

Mike Scotney reports: Wow, an event that even the wife can’t complain about – out of the house at 8.15am and back again by 9.45 having knocked out my first competitive 5km of the year!

I had missed reps due to work commitments in the week and now that my sons football seasons have finished, this seemed like a great way of kicking off the weekend. I wasn’t sure what to expect as this was my first Parkrun experience but it really was very good. It’s all very relaxed, a mass start near the station and then a long lap past the playground followed by a shorter lap around the lake.

It was surprisingly competitive too; I was nestled in with a group of four lads and we pushed each other around the course before they had the turn of speed to burn me off towards the end! It was good to see Will (he was scanning the barcodes that act to update your results to their website) and this is highly recommended as a flat course with a few twists and turns to test your fitness

The results service is first class too. They sent an email giving you your result, age grading and position, etc. For the purists my Garmin measured the course at exactly 3.1m (or 5km), which is always re-assuring.

19th Mike Scotney 19.18 – 70.21% (WAVA age grading)
79th Barrie Roberts 23.43 – 72.73%
106th Lesley Pymm 27.14 – 69.03%

Full results.

2 Replies to “Cannon Hill Parkrun – 28 May 2011”

  1. my boys love it so much they have even got up in the rain to do it, and they did it this weekend although i was away (crewing at the GUCR since you ask – i had a fab day as usual)

    so, family results:
    finton (14) 25.32 pb
    ethan (16) 23.15 pb
    declan (44) 20.07 – 2 seconds slower than last week and gutted 🙁

    as mike says, you turn up, run it and get home before the day starts

  2. Thankyou Mike for your Parkrun Race Report.I`m glad that you enjoyed the `experience.` It wasn`t one of the faster Cannon Hill Park Races,but nevertheless gave participants as much competition as they sought on that occasion. It is not a substitute for a formal Club Rep Session,but provides a useful means of complimenting and enriching one`s running schedule/programme. I also ran with a Garmin,for the first time,but misread the displayed information! I might have run faster without it.
    Barrie Roberts