Cannon Hill Parkrun – 7 May 2011

Barrie Roberts: The 37th Cannon Hill Park Run took place earlier on Saturday in damp, warm and humid conditions with a light sprinkling of rain towards the end. Nine BvHers participated in this increasingly popular weekly event.

It was as usual well organised with a good supply of marshalls including our very own Lesley Byrne and Sharon Weldon whose support and encouragement was very welcome. The Results from BvHers was as follows:-

Pos parkrunner Time Cat Grade Gender Pos
4 Gary BLACKMAN 17:32 SM30-34 73.76% M 4
47 Fiona Jane HEATH-BROWN 21:39 SW25-29 68.36% F 4
74 Graeme BEAVERS 24:25:00 VM50-54 60.89% M 65
82 Barrie Moelwyn Antony ROBERTS 24:39:00 VM65-69 69.98% M 73
84 Angela VINCE 24:40:00 VW50-54 70.34% F 10
104 Lesley PYMM 27:22:00 VW55-59 68.70% F 15
145 Kathleen Elizabeth ROBERTS 36:10:00 VW60-64 55.81% F 46

(Full results)

It was slightly slippery underfoot due to wet leaves, mud and the occasional puddle; it was never therefore going to be a day of fast times. Having said that everyone successfully completed the 5k distance and there were clearly some sound steady performances.

Gary Blackman in his first Park Run and ‘coming back from injury’, crossed the finishing line in the impressive time of 17:32 . Not too far behind was Fiona Heath-Brown in 21:39 A New PB. Greame Beavers also ran a new PB.

The Park Runs have the advantage of being local and are free to enter. And you can bring your family and friends along and enjoy a post-race visit to the local cafe which is adjacent to the Finish. What more could you possibly want?!

3 Replies to “Cannon Hill Parkrun – 7 May 2011”

  1. Good to hear that Sharon`s Sons,Ethan and Finton,`were prepared to get up and out when it was raining!!!` And run well. Congratulations. ` None of us should worry unduly about rain/wet conditions for `God made us all waterproof;it`s only our clothes that get wet!`
    Barrie Roberts
    PS.The Parkruns provide a good opportunity to involve families in this wonderful sport of ours.

  2. and my sons ran
    ethan – 24.06 – despite having to stop and do his laces up
    finton – 26.(something) – a pb

    and even more amazing that they were prepared to get up and out when it was raining!!!