Cannon Hill Park Run 9th Oct 2010

Barrie Roberts reports from Saturday’s weekly Cannon Hill Park Run: Not having ‘raced’ for a couple of months due to some sort of ankle injury I was pleased to be able to have a 5k run out on Saturday morning.

The weather was good for running, cloudy and overcast but mild with negligible wind, underfoot substantially dry. It was my first park run and I was relieved to complete the course without any immediately apparent further ankle injury (yes, I know that one should come back gradually, but I’m not the most patient of people when I have to take an enforced break from running!).

I think that I might have been the loan BvH vest on this particular occasion. I was impressed with the efficient organisation and park runs are dependent on having a sufficient number of marshalls/volunteers. BvH stalwarts Sharon Weldon and Lesley Byrne were acting as marshalls, and their encouragement was appreciated as I am not yet back to race fitness.

There were 84 finishers and completion times ranged between 16:20 and 33:27.

I completed the 5k distance in 24:36 (Age Grade 69.44%).