Cannon Hill Park Run – 27th Nov 2010

Lesley Pymm asks: Where were you all?

What a lovely morning to get out there and run! There was only one PB in all the runners who did the parkrun today – the rest of us were just ensuring that we stayed upright. The lake was frozen over and the Canada Geese were sliding around on the ice.

The course was a bit slippery, but not too bad at all. I think everyone enjoyed it – except maybe the marshals who must have been very cold – you could hardly see Sharon for all the layers she had on. Thanks to all of them – without them there would be no run.

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3 Replies to “Cannon Hill Park Run – 27th Nov 2010”

  1. Barrie I think you have a third aim to make runners laugh at your Jokes! Lesley well done on doing another Park run.

  2. I was doing the reps in Cofton Park and it was a joy to be alive! Not slippy on grass but I do ned to get some spikes. After the initial shock of the early start, and the slightly wintry feel (!!!) I was immensely chuffed to go home absolutely tired out (and I didn’t even quite complete all the reps or the warm down if truth be told) and still back in the house before the kids had got out of bed. Fantastic!

  3. I did my own risk assessment Lesley.Your Report,which I read with considerable interest,reinforced my decision that not choosing to run/race on that surface was the right one on this least for me.I have two main aims in my running endeavours,namely; to run faster over a given distance and surface,and to avoid injury.
    Question: Where was I at 9am this morning?
    Answer: Safe inside my nice warm house.
    Well you did ask!