Cannon Hill Park Run – 26th March 2011

Lesley Pymm reports: Cannon Hill parkrun Once again there was a good turnout for the parkrun with a number of new runners coming along again.

There was a group of runners from BvH, and Lesley was again there as a volunteer.  This really is an excellent event which can be used to enhance other training.  It is great that it is free and run by volunteers, so again a big ‘thank you’ to all who put themselves out every week so that we can have a safe and enjoyable run.

17 Daniel WILSON 19:45 VM45-49 73.50 % M 17 Bournville Harriers PB stays at 00:18:45 7
34 Terry DOHERTY 21:31 VM55-59 72.04 % M 33 Bournville Harriers First Timer! 1
42 Martin FOSTER 22:12 VM55-59 69.82 % M 40 Bournville Harriers PB stays at 00:22:07 26
86 Sharon WELDON 26:34 VW45-49 62.17 % F 12 Bournville Harriers New PB! 8
93 Lesley PYMM 27:46 VW55-59 67.71 % F 17 Bournville Harriers PB stays at 00:26:54 19

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One Reply to “Cannon Hill Park Run – 26th March 2011”

  1. for those who have not tried this yet
    i highly recommend them for improving your speed, no matter what your current speed is
    there is nearly 25 minutes between those at the front and those at the back so no-one at BvH could possibly come last if that’s what you are worried about.

    it is entirely run by volunteers (it is expected that everyone helps out at some point) you get t shirts once you have done 50 zand 100 races (10 if you are under 16) kids can run with you, or on their own if over 11, people run with push chairs so no child care issues 😉 and it’s free!!

    you register, get a bar code – print it off, turn up, run the race, get your bar code scanned, a few hours later your time is up on the internet. simple