BvH Tour of Bournville 2011 – entries needed ASAP

Closing date for Tour entries is looming! Monday 11th July

Are you up for a challenge? Then come and take part in the Tour of Bournville. This is a week long of ‘races’ at, or close to, the Pavilion and is only open to paid up BVH members.

The Races

Monday – 10K multi terrain at the Pavillion
Tuesday – 4 mile XC at Cofton Park
Wednesday – 5 mile canal run, from Kings Norton
Thursday – 7 mile hills and The Peacock pub, Weatheroak
Friday – 5K at the Pavillion

The tour is an exciting week of running for the club, with all abilities taking part to complete the challenge of hills, cross country and road running. Its a fantastic opportunity to test your mental stamina, whilst also being a prime time to get to know those who you wouldn’t usually run with.

Whatever you perceive your ability to be then come and join us for a fantastic week, and if the running doesn’t tempt you then the fact that there is alcohol readily available on 3 of the nights may sway some of you…

Entry Form
Entry forms can be found online here and also some will be available on the notice board at the Pavilion.

Taking Part
What about if your interested in taking part but cant make all 5 nights? I know its a big commitment and some of you may not be able to due to work/families/fitness– that doesn’t matter. You can still enter and run on the days you can, you are just not eligible to win prizes. Each year a number of runners are unable to make all 5, but still thoroughly enjoy the week.

I have spoken to a number of people who have expressed an interest in the BVH Tour and I am yet to receive their entries. I need these by next Monday, 11th July please!

This Thursday is a perfect opportunity to hand me your forms and money!

If your new to the club or not sure what this is all about, but think you may be interested then come and see me, or email me, or speak to the many people that have competed before: Our current reigning champions Garteh Cadd and Linda Howell, Laura Leslie, Keith Elliott, Jackie Davies, Becky Hampson, Chi Chi, Kimberley Belizia to name but a few. Ask anyone that has been involved and they will be only too happy to talk you into it!

Don’t be put off by the names of Gareth and Linda, this is an event that welcomes and encourages members of all ability. Its a great way of breaking down barriers and meeting new friends, having the opportunity to talk to fellow club members you wouldn’t usually have chance to.

This years summer BBQ is being held on Friday 22nd July at Rowheath Pavilion and incorporates the BVH Tour prize giving.

Tickets are available from Sharon at a cost of £2.50. Those running the Tour get free entry into the BBQ, however you will need to purchase extra tickets for family or friends. Please let us know if you are vegetarian so that we can make provision for you.

The last race will start at 7.30 if you would like to come and support, the BBQ will commence straight after (from 8.15) and prize giving will follow closely behind.

Get in touch
If you have any questions then please feel free to email me. I know that some of you have said that you will be able to marshal, can you email me please and let me know which nights you would like to do (location may affect your availability etc) thank you –

Rachel Ward

Last year’s race reports are here.

16 Replies to “BvH Tour of Bournville 2011 – entries needed ASAP”

  1. Ed – 130 miles in the car with you yesterday and the journey was almost completely devoid of bad puns. I feel cheated. Please bring your A-game next time.

  2. And just as the tortoise was about to cross the finishing line,
    a chicken crossed the road, causing the tortoise to brake so sharply,
    that a snail, stuck on it’s shell, was catapulted over finishing line, to take the prize*
    But then the sky (which was not good with heights) fell in, so there were no winners in the end.

    I don’t know what the moral of the story is, perhaps it’s: Always listen to what the chicken has to say , or maybe ; Don’t let things get so out of hand, that you end up eating a horse and killing yourself.

    *A lifetimes supply of salt

  3. Doesn`t time fly! TODAY is your last chance to enter the BvH Tour of Bournville 2011.This year it is going to be FANTASTIC. Don`t be the only one left out.
    CU ALL there.

  4. So the menu has been tweaked from last year, it makes more sense to have the main coarse on thursday, followed by dessert*. on friday.
    It’s a pity there’s no hare coarse though.

    *Pavlova at the Pavilion?

  5. i may not be able to make it tonight to start selling tickets
    if you want tickets you could email me or hang on till monday – i will definitely be there then

  6. Hi all, not sure how many are aware that I am moving up to Scotland on the 25th July. As a result I was hoping to say goodbye to most of you at the barbecue after the tour. I would have loved to partake but unfortunately that week I have a few ‘goodbye’ social engagements.
    So hope to see you then if not on the next couple of thursdays.

  7. Don`t miss out on this special and unique opportunity.Sign up now.It`s a great week and a true celebration of running. Aim to run all 5 races,but failing that ,as many as you are able. Support Rachel Ward and her Team who have put a lot of time and effort into planning and preparing this very special Club Event.I guarantee that you will enjoy The BvH Tour of Bournville 2011. Encourage your fellow BvHers to run with you. CU there and at the BBQ.
    Barrie Roberts
    PS.All abilities and age categories are welcome.

  8. Re:Table fable; Waiter, there’s a hare in my tortoise soup?
    – don’t worry – it’s only a starter!

  9. Andy, Im really pleased that you will be joining us for the Tour!
    The BBQ is the highlight, when all the hard work is over and we can all enjoy a well earned drink!

    I should be down the club on Monday (hopefully!) if anyone wants to talk to me about it or hand in application forms. Closing date is 11th July and the tour is now only 5 weeks away!

  10. And not only that….. A chance to pick up a strimmer* at a discount .

    Add ear defenders, goggles, and safety helmet, for this seasons “to die for” macho look.

    * Make sure its petrol,,, Nothing says ‘weekend warrier’ like an orange flex following you around the garden.

    Table fable; Waiter, there’s a hare in my tortoise soup?

  11. I am looking forward to this and will be entering.

    Seems very much like a case of Hare and the Tortoise!

    With a body like mine, which I’m sure is made out of glass, I suspect several of these races will be just ticking over to the finish line.

    Can’t wait for the BBQ as well sounds like a well earned bit of tucker after a gruelling week where we can all share our war stories.

  12. That’s mint pet, I love a bit of DYI man, as we might say in the northeast.

  13. I’m looking forward to the annual B&Q visit, I hope they’ll take GP points.

  14. The BvH Tour 2011 will soon be upon us again. The real challenge,perhaps,is not how fast you run in any particular race,but how you will pace yourself over the whole 5 races held during the week. If you try to `run flat out` in every race then you are likely to pick up an injury.However,if you talk to Rachel,the Coaching Team and those members who regularly compete in this popular annual BvH Club event,then you will I feel sure get good advice on how to participate and avoid injury niggles.Running is not just about PBs over a set distance,although I am very much in to that,it is also about participation and socialising with one`s fellow athletes.The BvH Tour gives one the opportunity of experiencing a range and variety of distance and terraine,and all abilities (not just the faster runners in the Club) are able to participate and `give it a go.`Most Tour participants are enthusiastic about their involvement and would do it again,and again,and again,and — And there is a fantastic BBQ at the end.

    Barrie Roberts