BvH Tour 2011 – Event 4 results

Last night’s event saw Tour participants complete 7 miles of gruelling hills – results are in.

Rachel Ward writes: Only one more left, well done to all those that ran last night. It’s a hard route and you all did great. Was it the thought of the pub at the end?

Tonight is the 5K from Rowheath Pavilion. It starts at 7.30 for the first group and 7.45 the second (or a bit earlier if everyone is ready). This is closely followed by the BBQ and prize giving. Hope your legs are ok!

Thank you so much.

Thursday results:

Overall results:

12 Replies to “BvH Tour 2011 – Event 4 results”

  1. Off to Wales for a well earned rest for the week.

    Legs feel good, and the ice bath will help (sorry meant the sea).

    What a great week and for once, for me, it was all about the taking part rather than the winning. tI was slightly strange to be deemed the winner given I was the least deserving winner there, but was proud at the same time to competed with so many people over 5 tough races.

    I am going to eat Wales free of ice cream this week.

    Next year let’s get all the Club’s top runners to race in this … now that would be a close run thing!

  2. Wow Chris, Two minutes of your PB, that’s some running, and in your underpants too.

  3. She was carrying it on the end of a stick, and it glowing. I just assumed it was some sort of chinese lantern …I think her name could be Vick.

  4. Thanks Mike, I will look for the marshal with the green, shrivelled lump where her hand should be. 😉

  5. One more to go.

    The way my legs are I aint hanging about in tonight’s race. The less time on the legs the better. Trouble is, I’m sure my legs have lost the will to live and run fast, having been traumatised into 4 days of consecutive racing.

    That said, this has been a great week and I’m loving it.

    A massive thanks to all those who have been involved in organising it, it’s a superb event for the club but I need some serious time penalties next year!

    P.S. I’m having 10 burgers tonight to try and put some weight back on!

  6. Hi Chris

    One of the ladies who was marshalling last night did wave a bag, suspiciously sounding like yours, just before I left (about 10.00). Ask around tonight – I’m sure it will resurface (if it hasn’t regerated into something alien)

  7. Hi,

    Already posted this, but on the thread for Wednesday, and it’s a question about yesterday:

    Did anyone pick up a plastic bag full of really smelly running stuff (my BvH vest and the Infamous Blue Shorts) after the hill race tonight (Thursday)? I think I left it on a bench at the Peacock. If you did, please don’t touch it. I have a suspicion that my sweat is radioactive and you may end up losing a digit.

    Does anyone have my stuff? I don’t want to go back to my Ronhill BvH vest. It makes my nipples fall off.

  8. Another pleasant and well organized running event.I think that our legs (Katie and myself) are OK — But `we` shall all find out this evening. Another hill run;albeit,only 5k!
    PS.Perhaps `we` can include some bus routes next year!

  9. wow, if you take andy out – the men are really close up the top, really good times!!