BvH Tour 2011 – Event 3 results

Results are in for Wednesday’s 5 mile canal time trial – leg three of this year’s BvH Tour of Bournville.

Rachel Ward writes: Well done to all those who managed to run for the third night in a row, I know the cross country took its toll on many of you! Three down and only two to go…

Tomorrow night is 7 miles of hills (sounds horrid but once you get going its not that bad really!) and starts at the Peacock Pub. Please be here for around 7 – 7.15 again, the same group will go off at 7.30 and then the second at 7.45. Keith and Katie you will be heading out at 7.15.

The postcode for the Peacock is B38 0EH. Andy will be at the club for 6.45 if anyone wants a lift/car share to the Peacock. Please let him know.

A point to consider – we will be staying for a drink after, anyone is welcome!

Wednesday results below. Overall standings here.

14 Replies to “BvH Tour 2011 – Event 3 results”

  1. Did anyone pick up a plastic bag full of really smelly running stuff (my BvH vest and the Infamous Blue Shorts) after the hill race tonight (Thursday)? I think I left it on a bench at the Peacock. If you did, please don’t touch it. I have a suspicion that my sweat is radioactive and you may end up losing a digit.

  2. Ha ha, very Beano-esqeu Gareth, Chris is probably going Grrrrrrrrrr right now….but I can I have them please, I’ve been looking for them for ages.

  3. Neither Steve or myself tripped you however you did manage to ruin our game of marbles 🙂

  4. I presume people will be staying for a quick pint afterwards tonight – they also do great beer nuts!

    Leaden legged today – bring on those hills …..

  5. @Laura – there are indeed a few photos of you looking like a super-responsible, very important timekeeper on there.

  6. Thank you all for the lovely comments, you are making our jobs easy!
    The only thing I dont like about last nights run is that we dont get chance to support you along the way. We will however be there at numerous points this evening to give you much needed encouragement…

  7. Thanks Rachel Sue, and everyone else who’s made the Tour possible.

    In my opinion, tonight’s ‘TT’ is the best one, and I’ll be going for it, as I need to start climbing up the leader board.

    In homage to the other tour going on at the moment, I will wearing the best young competitors white vest…. and also riding a bike

    Chris and Caroline will probably doing they usual TTT, and full Harlan- Marks to them for that…. it seems to work.

    Andy, I would like a lift, if one is still going, see you at 6.45

  8. As the official and, well, super responsible time-keeper (very important job) last night I have to say I was so impressed with the times coming in, especially when this is the third race in a row! Well done everyone! Keep it up for the last couple of nights and then enjoy your weekends with a well earned rest 🙂

  9. I am `enjoying` the BvH Tour experience.(Does that make me,and my fellow tourists,masochistic? – no pain no gain/if it isn`t hurting,it isn`t working!).My greatest concern tonight,apart from the hills,is personal safety.The roads in the vicinity of the Peacock Pub are not the easiest to police/marshall. Most road users are reasonable people;it is the occasional `lunatic` that bothers me. `We`have been advised to wear light /readily visible clothing and safety,at the end of the day,has to be both an individual and a collective responsibility. Clocking-up increasing mileage,running up/down hills,running every day,when one doesn`t normally adopt such a schedule,can result in calf injuries —- alas,I`m speaking from personal experience (B`ham Half-Marathon two years ago),and so I am `keeping my fingers crossed` for tonight.Recently,I have been concentrating on middle distance running eg.800m/1500m track;not this `long-distance stuff!`— unlike my wife Katie who has put in the mileage in recent weeks.Good luck everyone for tonight —- I am hoping that they are not `country miles`!

  10. Yep … anyone needing a lift tomorrow I will be at the club for 6.45pm.

    3 down, 2 to go. Legs were tired after Cofton, you forget how sapping that course is and the 3 hill climbs were just cruel. Still, at least tomorrow will be nice and flat … erm … methinks not!

    Tomorrow is all about getting through the race uninjured so that the 5k on Friday flows nicely into a well earned burger.

    Off to Wales on Saturday so any calf injuries will be cured by playing in the sea with the kids, where the sea is so cold it just numbs any pain. The kids are fine, they are usually in the dinghy while I pull them along like a speedboat!

  11. Was anyone videoing the race? I’d like to watch it back and check whether it was Gareth or Steve that tripped me up at the turnaround point.

  12. Well done to everyone who ran, and huge thanks to Rachel. I’m really enjoying the tour yet again this year, and am really impressed with how well you and your mom have organised it! Thanks as well to the everyone who has given up their time to marshal and give support so far this week.