BvH Medley Relay Virtual Challenge

Well done to everyone who took part in our unique virtual challenge this week!
We saw some super fast running, amazing elevation, and impressive pace awareness, from the 66 of you who took part.

.Seven of you predicted your 10k times within under 30 seconds – Guy Marston from You Can’t ‘Catch 22’, and Lean, Mean, Team 16‘s Claire Daniels, Karen Harper of Legs Eleven, Chris Hamlett who Should Be Resting, Ian Forman with Scrambled Legs. Paul Samuels of Team 13 Lucky For Some and Sara Hewison from SarhijaVO2Max were the most accurate male and female respectively.




Many impressive 5k performances were put in, our top 3 men being Grant Newman from Scrambled Legs, James Ashley of You Can’t ‘Catch 22’, and The Tactical Trio‘s William Mckemey with a stunning 16:19.



In the women’s race, Mathilde Housley of The Hare, Tortoise, and Mountain Goat pipped Should Be Resting‘s Bec Jones to 3rd. Legs Eleven‘s Jo Green was 2nd, and top of the shop was Rhian Littlewood from SarhijaVO2Max in 21:09




Meanwhile, a socially distant horde took to the hills to obtain as much elevation as you could in 20 minutes. Arc Hero Clare Mullin pipped Sam Pretlove of No Team Name to third place. Jaeda Goodman of SarhijaVO2Max was second, beaten only by a high and mighty result of 201m from Team 13 Lucky For Some‘s Alice Smyth.



Fran Garcia was 3rd man for Team 10, Jon Mould took second place for Scrambled Legs, and You Can’t ‘Catch 22’‘s Jonny Bellman took a hike for an amazing 349m.






What did all this mean for the team scores? The top mixed teams were Legs Eleven and Team 13 Lucky For Some tied in fourth place, but the podium was dominated by single-sex teams.

The men of You Can’t ‘Catch 22’ and Scrambled Legs were tied for second place, but it was an all-women team taking the Medley Relay Virtual Challenge 2020 title. Congratulations to Sara Hewison, Rhian Littlewood, and Jaeda Goodman who together are SarhijaVO2Max.

In the final table below, take a moment to check out the team names, always a beacon of wit here at BvH. We hope you all enjoyed the challenge!