It was a well-attended and successful awards night at Row Heath Pavilion, with lots of achievements being celebrated, good food, drinks, and a BvH quiz (where all the questions were about our members!). It was lots of fun, so thanks to everyone that attended and to everyone that organised it.

Here is a list of the winners:

Male Athlete of the Year:

Dean Parker

Female Athlete of the Year:

Nicola Sykes

Merit (Men):

John McKeon

Merit (Women):

Laura Gale

Male Newcomer of the Year

John Enright

Female Newcomer of the Year

Emma Hopkins

BvH Achievement award

Chris Collins

Lynne Gossage Endeavour Award

Alec Croke

BvH Club Members’ Award

Keith Elliot

BvH Coaching Award

Sue Ward

The John Ward Trophy

Laura Leslie

Men’s XC award

Barrie Roberts

Women’s XC award

Lesley Pymm

3 Replies to “WINNERS – BvH AWARDS NIGHT, 2014”

  1. I am pleased to learn that the BvH Awards Night 2014 was well attended and deemed to be a great success.I was surprised,but nevertheless delighted, to receive the award for Men`s Cross Country.

    I have run in international,national ,regional and local xc races during the past year or so (see personal profile Power of 10) and have improved my strength/stamina and general fitness as a result.

    Running for/with Team BvH is a privilege and a pleasure.

  2. Thanks to everyone who came on the night, and well done to all who were nominated for or won awards! Several people have asked where the food was from, as it was really good! Our caterers on the night were from the Jilabi Indian Restaurant in Sheldon: Well worth checking out – particularly their Sunday and Monday night buffets, if you’re greedy like me!

  3. Thanks again to all involved on Friday. It was a really good evening. Thanks for the award – that came as a bit of a shock. When Chris was doing the ‘intro’ to it, he was talking about the really deserving members of the XC teams and I was sitting there nodding my head as I thought about others in the team. Imagine my surprise when my name was called!! Well done to all who got awards and who were nominated.