BvH 2010 Grand Prix Series Update

The BvH GP has provided healthy competition to club members over a range of distances, events and surfaces.  With just 6 events to go in the 2010 Bournville Harriers Grand Prix Series (BvH GP), the race to be this year’s champion in both Ladies and men is still wide open.

The remaining events are:

17 03-Oct Bournville Leafy 10km Bournville, B’ham MT – BvH Event
18 24-Oct Birmingham Half Marathon Birmingham Road
19 30-Oct Birmingham Men’s XC League Div.2 Newbold Comyn, Leamington XC – BvH Team
Midland Women’s Cross Country XC – BvH Team
20 04-Dec Birmingham Men’s XC League Div.2 Gloucester XC – BvH Team
Midland Women’s Cross Country Perry Park, B’ham XC – BvH Team
21 12-Dec Snyed ‘Xmas Pud’ 10 Miles Walsall, W.Mids Road
22 19-Dec BvH ‘Yacht’ Handicap Bournville, B’ham Road – BvH Event
Lead woman, Tamara Kennedy

So far this year we’ve had 42 Ladies and 60 Men take part in a BvH GP event which has seen over 1300 additional bonus points being awarded mostly for personal best performances from almost all of the members who’ve taken part.

The aim of the BvH GP Series is to take part in at least 10 designated events to be in with a chance of winning one of the top prizes.  The total prize value is equivalent to over £700 and there are still potentially 36 members in with a chance of making it to the 10 events target.

The top 5 in the current standings in both the Ladies and Men’s Series are:


Name Events Points Best 10
Tamara Kennedy 10 287 287
Linda Howell 8 274
Emily Holden 9 272
Mel James 8 255
Laura Leslie 7 226


Name Events Points Best 10
Gareth Cadd 11 343 321
Sean Rose 11 335 310
Will Spanfelner 11 235 235
Mark Hobbs 8 286
Andy Wheeler 8 216

The complete standings can be viewed here