3 Replies to “Brueton Parkrun – Season’s best for Martin Foster”

  1. For the run on 24th July Martin was 17th in 20:59.

    Full results here.

    Sorry Martin & Bournville Harriers – there was an error with the results on the 24th & Martin’s time was actually 21.39 (results were re-published, 1st thing, Friday the 30th).

    This saturday the barcodes were swiped in the wrong order, the corrected results should be published on wednesday.

    Apologies for confusion, 3rd time lucky for Brueton this Saturday (which still has no ‘official’ team of volunteers) &, as we’re having our ‘learning curve’ at Brueton; things should run fine when Cannon Hill launches!

    Phil Innamorati
    (1 of the 4 volunteer) Race Director – Cannon Hill
    & assisting at Brueton

  2. sparkhill club already have a few people down to help out – come on Bournville lets join them!!

  3. In fact I have a note from the event organiser for Cannon Hill:

    “Looks like we are going to start on the 28th August which is the bank holiday weekend and a lot of people are away but that will mean it will be quieter and give us a practice.” – cannonhillparkrun@gmail.com