Brueton 5k Parkrun – 25 June 2011

Andrew Halliday reports: Saturday 25 June 2011 saw the running of the 49th Brueton 5k Parkrun.

Again, dragged myself to the start line of what is a very low key “race” (if you can call it that, really they are just a bit of fun and greatly appreciated by all) only to see one of my good rivals, Ian Mansell, who had beaten me at DK 10k (he had come 2nd) when I got injured. As it’s my mission to beat anyone who beat me in that race (3 down, 2 to go), Ian gave me something to focus on. The course is 2 laps, but has a 400m or so rise on each lap and so it’s not a PB course.

Ian took the early pace and I had to hang on for a while until the 2nd rise was out of the way and then pushed on.

I managed to win by some way in the end, finishing in 16m 37s. Don’t worry, for those of you thinking I’m slowing down, this was a “long” 5k rather than me going slow or easing off. Having a 5,070m course makes a big difference to a true 5k time.

The big news from this race though is not the place, time or the course, but the “Mr Silly” T-shirt I wore to race. You see, it makes absolutely no difference whether you run in a vest or a Mr Silly T-shirt, you still need your legs to get you round!

Full results.

One Reply to “Brueton 5k Parkrun – 25 June 2011”

  1. Some people may think Andrew that you have written a `silly` race report! But be that as it may,16:37 is not a bad time first thing on Saturday Morning. Have you tried hand-walking?
    Barrie Roberts