Brown Clee Burn – 04 October 2015

Lesley Pymm reports:  What a beautiful day to be running up and over Brown Clee.  As I drove towards the village of Stoke St Milborough near Ludlow, the early mist was clearing and the sun was shining.  It was still a little cool when I arrived and picked up my number, but that changed by the time the run started at 11.00.  Everyone was very friendly and pleased to see runners as they arrived.  This is one of those local community events, in aid of local charities, where everyone gets together to organise it and there is that buzz of enthusiasm around.  I was pleased to see another teal vest as Laura Gale arrived.

The run starts with over a mile on tarmac, uphill.  I was soon with the group at the back, but at least I was running – I could see others walking ahead of me.  Eventually we turned off the road and onto a path with a ridge down it that was difficult to run on.  I managed to pass a couple of people here and kept climbing.  The marshals were very encouraging and the route was really well marked.  Coming out of the woods I could see the top of the hill, still some way ahead.  Lovely moorland climbing and fanstastic views. It was a bit wet up there and would have been very boggy if the weather had not been so dry lately. Eventually I was at the top and going down again.  There was a shout from Alex, Laura’s sister who was marshal up there.

The next downhill bit was again tarmac – although obviously not used much so there was grass growing up the middle of the track, so a softer landing there.  Eventually we came off the track and were again off road and on some very runnable sections – predominantly downhill. Over some private land.  This was a new section that had been used for the first time this year to avoid a very steep downhill road run.  At the bottom there was a stile, bridge and another stile.

Eventually came out onto the road and it was about 1k to the finish.  As I ran towards the Village Hall the man with the megaphone was shouting my name and Laura, Adam, Alex and her husband Chris were also shouting me in.  What a lovely run!  There were sausage & egg rolls for those who eat them, included in the entry fee.  We also had a participant certificate.  Laura had come in 3rd woman – very good going, especially after her great run at the relays yesterday!

If it does not clash with the Leafy next year, it would be really good to get a BvH contingent out – the organisers would really appreciate it.

Brown Clee Burn

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  1. Thanks for posting, Lesley. I enjoy reading these race reports, and the description you go into…… a newish runner it gives one a flavour of the great variety of races/events out there, and which ones would be tempting to run in the future.

  2. I enjoyed reading about the Brown Clee Burn multi-terrain Race.It is good to run in races which are welcoming,well marked,well marshalled and with pleasant views.I like the idea of including catering in the entry fee.It is difficult,this time of the year to avoid clashes with other races eg.this weekend was the BvH Leafy 10k,but I was in running in the Cardiff Mile Road Race on Saturday and watching my daughter Helen run in the Cardiff Half Marathon on Sunday.Alas,`we` can only be in one place at any given time. CONGRATULATIONS to all the participants who were `certified` at the Brown Clee Burn MT Run!