British Masters XC Championships, 25th Oct. Report, results and photos

BvH members enjoyed a great day out and fantastic team spirit this year at the ‘British Masters XC Championships’. They were held on Saturday 25th of October in Derby, and BvH entered 3 women’s teams, and 1.8 men’s teams (one person was sadly unable to make it on the day).

Each leg was 3.1km, consisting of 2 laps of a reasonably flat but technically challenging course, and everyone in both teams put in some fantastic efforts, competing well against a very strong field.

The results for BvH are listed below, but the Women’s 35 A team came 7th overall, and the W35 B team was 10th. The W45 team also finished 10th overall in their category, so well done to all that ran.

There were some outstanding athletes turning out for their respective clubs, but the M35 A team finished a respectable 10th place, despite losing a few people to injury and unavailability before the event. The B team was incomplete, but that did not stop everyone running well and competing hard for their team mates. Great efforts by all.

Overall, it was a fantastic event and we look forward to competing again next year!

The full results from Saturday are up on the Midlands masters noticeboard:

BvH results:


BvH A 7th 40:59

Linda Howell 12:54

Sarah Rock 13:42

Suz West 14:23


BvH B 10th 46:12

Laura Gale 15:18

Emily Holden 14:23

Emma Hopkins 16:31


W45 10th 57:29

Jude Glyn 15:31

Linda Goulding 23:59

Lesley Pymm 17:59


M35 A 10th 57:01

Paul Thompson 10:28

John McKeon 11:40

Sean Rose 11:35

Stuart Pearson 11:25

Paul Gorman 11:53


M35 B incomplete

Andy Hall 12:12

Antony Stewart 13:11

Kevin Peace 14:45

Barrie Roberts 14:47


There’s always a queue!

3 Replies to “British Masters XC Championships, 25th Oct. Report, results and photos”

  1. The British Masters XC Relays at Derby are invariably enjoyable,fun,worthwhile and competitive. This year the Race Calendar appeared to be somewhat congested and numbers participating appeared to be down. Those who turned out for Bournville Harriers put in some sound performances,but the availability,on this particular occasion,was disappointing.
    Hopefully, `we` will have a stronger entry next time. As Paul says: “The more the merrier!”
    Thankyou to the Team Managers for their hard work,which enables the rest of us to participate. And thankyou to all the supporters.

  2. Don’t forget that the Midland Masters Relays are on 26 April – for those over 35 who don’t intend to be in London for the marathon. We will be contacting you for teams nearer the time!

  3. A brilliant day! 🙂 Anyone that’ll turn 35 before next year, or is already 35, should join the team next time around. We can enter several teams, so the more the merrier! 🙂