British Masters Road Relays, Saturday 18th May

Women's Road Relays
The Women’s Team celebrate with Team Manager Jude Glynn. Photo: Pete Hickman

A good day was had by the ‘more mature’ members of the club at the Masters Road Relays in Sutton Park. With by far the highest number of individual competitors of any club present, the ‘wall of sound’ on the final straight was either encouraging or mildly embarrassing for all the runners in Teal, depending on your viewpoint! For Mike Woodall and Jude Glynn the usual cheers were joined by a rousing verse of ‘Happy Birthday to you’ much to the amusement of the other clubs present. The support from both fellow runners and those, like Emma Hopkins and Nicki Mann, who had come along to spectate, was second to none. There were some great photos from the day, including this selection from Pete Hickman.

Of course it was not all about the participation, encouragement and enjoyment; there were also some excellent individual performances, including those from Richard Keep and Monica Baptista; and top 10 team performances from both the W45 and W55 teams. There were promising debuts from newcomers to the squad and those returning to form which bode well for future outings in the different categories. One or two of our runners have new age categories on the horizon which should make for an exciting challenge for the team selectors, Team Managers Jude and Simeon Whiting, come Autumn. They both did an excellent job of fielding a strong ‘A’ Teams during a busy racing calendar. On the day itself, Simon Newman stepped into Simeon’s shoes for the Men’s Team Management, and along with Jude for the Women, ensured that everyone made it to the start line on time; thank you!

The Spring Road Relays are now complete, but if you missed out and you’re interested in representing Team Teal in the Autumn season, add these dates to your diaries now:
21st September – Midland Counties 6 and 4 stage Road Relays
28th September or (Sunday) 6th October (TBC) – ERRA 6 and 4 Stage National Road Relays

Well done to everyone who ran, here are the results:

Monica Road Relays
Monica Baptista leads home the W35 team. Photo: Pete Hickman

15 Bournville Harriers W35 ‘A’ 1:30:52
Monica Baptista (18) 21:33
Mathilde Housley (21) 24:03
Sarah Rock-Webster (17) 22:47
Laura Leslie (15) 22:29

21 Bournville Harriers W35 ‘B’ 1:41:09
Rebecca Jones (27) 24:42
Sam Pretlove (25) 24:50
Suz West (24) 25:37
Stacey Marston (21) 26:00

25 Bournville Harriers W35 ‘C’ 1:48:41
Susannah Latouch (28) 27:00
Clare Mullin (28) 26:41
Caroline Ankcorn (27) 28:21
Collette Greenhouse (25) 26:39

27 Bournville Harriers W35 ‘D’ 2:05:12
Linda Goulding (30) 34:02
Lesley Proctor (29) 30:00
Anna Mcmanus (28) 28:02
Linda Howell (27) 33:08

10 Bournville Harriers W45 ‘A’ 1:11:45
Sara Hewison (11) 23:09
Jaeda Goodman (11) 24:31
Alison Davies (10) 24:05

20 Bournville Harriers W45 ‘B’ 1:26:13
Sharon Newman (21) 30:45
Louisa Moore (20) 26:42
Suzanne Bunn (20) 28:46

9 Bournville Harriers W55 1:20:34
Pauline Wright (10) 26:57
Phil Williamson (10) 29:08
Jude Glynn (9) 24:29

20 Bournville Harriers M55 ‘A’ 1:05:21
Daniel Wilson (20) 20:56
Peter Hickman (20) 22:20
David Ellis (20) 22:05

30 Bournville Harriers M55 ‘B’ 1:16:59
Stephen Doswell (31) 24:38
Martin Foster (31) 26:39
John Cheel (30) 25:42

Paul Coughlan Road Relays
Paul Coughlan enjoys the support from Team Teal. Photo: Pete Hickman

23 Bournville Harriers M35 ‘A’ 1:55:08
Richard Keep (22) 17:35
Paul Coughlan (25) 18:51
John Mckeon (28) 19:52
Grant Whigham (25) 18:50
Stewart Bond (23) 19:50
Simon Newman (23) 20:10

35 Bournville Harriers M35 ‘B’ 2:23:11
Xenofon Gogouvit (38) 21:09
Jon Seadon (37) 26:40
James Evans (36) 22:08
Richard Shearing (36) 24:09
Robert Mcmanus (36) 25:29
Michael Woodall (35) 23:36

(Incomplete) Bournville Harriers M35 ‘C’
Paul Samuels (40) 25:24
Barrie Roberts (39) 29:11
Ian Edgington (38) 29:58

32 Bournville Harriers M45 1:27:14
Ian Mackenzie (38) 21:04
Jim Clarke (40) 22:15
Bill Aldridge (33) 20:24
Guy Marston (32) 23:31