Bournville Leafy 10k 2012 – results

Leafy 10k was won by Orlando Corea

Here are the results from the Bournville Leafy 10k which took place on October 7th 2012 and was won by Orlando Corea in 38:16.

Full Results (PDF).
Full Results (excel spreadsheet).
Photos (via Mike Scotney’s Flickr page – 200ish now online, rest following shortly).

20 Replies to “Bournville Leafy 10k 2012 – results”

  1. Hi,

    I’m sure i finished around 48 – 50 mins but i don’t appear on any results???

    think i was 1451.


  2. Hi Lynda thanks very much for your kind feedback. Yes please do keep the prize you may it’s our pleasure to recognise your fab achievement.

    The new results ,to the best of my knowledge,reflect your correct age category and time. If this is not the case please email
    Lesley 🙂

  3. Many thanks for organising the run, the marshals were brilliant and kept me going..
    I think I benefitted from the results mix-up at the prize giving, 10 years and 10 minutes knocked off my real age and time, I was mistakenly awarded a prize, do I have to give it back?
    Like Linda G, I only started running on the beginners’ course last May and well remember not being able to run for the minute on, minute off bit, so even though I was joint last, I was completely chuffed to have got round 🙂
    Big thanks to Sue n Steve for getting me started, to Linda for staying with me and Lesley for running the last bit with us – top marks!

  4. Amended results to reflect the 3 human errors have been sent to webmaster and will be on shortly.

    Thanks for your patience 🙂

  5. Thanks for sorting out the mix up. This was my first 10K and I really enjoyed it. To echo previous comments marshalls were great…really encouraging!

  6. Linda you were awesome:) It was a tough 10K too! Well done to everyone who ran it and thanks again to everyone who organised/marshaled or baked 🙂

  7. Thanks BVH, joined BVH after completing the beginners course this year, had not done any running previously, so despite finishing last its still quite an achievement for me to go from nothing to completing 10K!
    Many thanks to Steve and all those involved in the begginers course.

  8. Just to echo previous comments thanking the club for putting a great event on…

    Also, will the results be available on the Run Britain website at some point?

  9. As I don’t have individual email addresses and wanted to reassure , the results have now been corrected – they will be published v shortly.

    Many apologies Nicola, Edward and Matt – sorry, simple human error.

    Hope you all enjoyed the race

  10. I was number 1243 and I came in at about 42:30 but the results say I ran 64:11. It looks like I was mixed up with Nicola Csukas.

  11. sean – we feel your pain. the showers are cold at the moment due to a very expensive piece of kit breaking. so we didn’t switch the heat off just to torture you 🙂

  12. Thanks to everyone – a challenging course and superbly organised. Special kudos to the ginger and banana cake 🙂

  13. Well organised event, and great encouragement from all involved. The tea and cakes afterwards were excellent.
    Only downside was the showers were cold 🙁

  14. My first 10k run (although it was more like 10.6km) and really chuffed with my time of 60 mins!!! Really enjoyed it and deffinately got the running bug now…………. hopefully I’ll be a bit quicker next time! Really well put together and brilliant marshalls spuring us on!

  15. Queries have been noted – they will be reviewed as soon as possible.

  16. Thank you to the organisers, marshals, and the catering collective for making this happen. A lovely sunny day for it.

  17. I just checked for myself on the results and found that I was listed about 20 minutes slower than I ran! My number is 1538 and I came in at about 41:30 I think, thanks.

  18. Thanks BVH. Really enjoyed the run. Thanks to the club and all the enthusiastic helpers.

  19. I have looked at the results spreadsheet and have noticed that I do not appear on there despite taking part. I was number 1244 and came in at about 63 minutes. Please can you explain why I am not appearing on the spreadsheet?