26 Replies to “Bournville Leafy 10k 2011 – results”

  1. A super morning’s run thanks to Bournville Harriers! Lovely event (mind you I wasn’t thinking that 1/2 way round!!) & great marshalling. Thank you for the bottle of red – well worth all the effort 🙂 See you next year if not before! Oh and btw – cakes and coffee – the perfick way to end a 10K.

  2. Just noticed you have me finishing in 52.01, Unfortunately I didn’t run as am unwell at present & handed my number back before the start. I marshalled near Melanie on the path in front of the roadworks, just before the finish. I’m assuming you resold my number to the next person who arrived to save having a gap in the numbers used. However, if you want to give me that time for next year’s event as a favour for marshalling, I won’t complain! Enjoyed the day as usual.

  3. Great race and organisation, although I didn’t finish it and dropped out after 15 mins due to coming down with a sudden stomach bug which was disappointing as I had an excellent training week last week.

    Another different course. I’ve ran the Bournville 10k about 4 or 5 times and always different courses. I’ve had a few 2nd place finishes in this race over the yeas. The course seemed challenging and testing. I will definitely be back and hopefully not ill.

  4. @Laurence – changes made to results in light of your useful email to me. Thanks for pointing out errors.

  5. Really nice, friendly, well marshalled event – although very hard work! I enjoyed it more after finishing than when I was running it, to be fair. Thanks to everyone involved for the fantastic organisation and encouraging comments from marshalls at all points! Well done Bournville Harriers.

  6. Thanks for the well marshalled run!

    Managed a PB! Not sure how that happened! I’ll be back next year to beat that time!

  7. First proper run, can easily do 10k but I think I started way to quick and finished the first lap quickly. Killed me off and destroyed my time. Good experience though that i can take forward.

    Thank you to all the wonderful marshals that got me through. A bad run but good experience. Will be back next year!

    Also, the trophy was excellent !

  8. There are several mistakes in the results. You have listed a finisher who did not complete the race and two finishers who were not even there. I am in the wrong place and with the wrong time. Please let me know if you want detail

  9. Great course nice warm-up for the cross country season and well marshalled.

  10. Great course yesterday, i measured it on my garmin as 6.43 miles. Thought it was a little longer than 10k when i was stretching my legs!! I might come back next year to beat the time.

  11. @dave :thank you

    Big thanks to everyone involved in organising and especially to the cheering marshalls . That last lap was painful!

  12. Stop it Andy, you are being way to kind! Though I am excited about our Masters Team. Now, where did I put that bubble wrap.

  13. Formal apology to all marshalls – sorry for not being my usual cheery self and chatting to you en route but I was in too much pain to speak (other than the odd swear word, apparently eh Mel)!!! That course was way too difficult for my glass-built frame so it’s plenty of RICE for my calf for the next few weeks and plenty of rice for my tummy as well.

    Out of interest, was that course the same as last year, since me and Orlando measured it at 6.5 miles and a lot were saying beforehand it was a short 10k? I know I was injured but I’m usually somewhat quicker over 10k?

    P.S. Can someone wrap Orlando up in cottom wool and keep him fit – we have found a new STAR and I am really excited about the Masters Relays next year where we could WIN WIN WIN which would be MASSIVE!

  14. @Sebastien – now corrected. We did think there was a mix-up with those two numbers so much appreciated for pointing it out.

  15. Brilliant race and course, thanks to all the organisers and marshals

  16. Thanks Dave, a speedy correction. And yes, thank you to the organisers and the marshalls for all their efforts.

  17. Thanks to all the organisers and marshalls. The support was amazing along the way!

  18. I am sorry but my time was 47: 50 not 48:06 as per your results
    you’ve confused the running numbers 1036 and 1136

    I finished in front of COBRA 1129

    Please could you update and tell Runbritain/UKA..

    many thanks

    Sebastien NICOLAS
    Running number 1136…

  19. Thank you to Bournville Harriers for hosting today’s race. Having grown up running round Bournville as a kid (many years since!) it was really great to be back! Enjoyed all the different terrains but wasn’t so keen on that last little hill to the finish, especially as from somewhere I’d convinced myself there was a final lap of the park before the end! Thanks again.

  20. Thanks to everyone involved in organising, marshalling, cake making/selling, helping etc. This was a great event to run and the encouragement and support of other BVH members was fantastic!

  21. So pleased I decided to run! Though I am “Corea” not “Croea” 😉

  22. Thanks to all involved in organising the event and helping on the day. This is the first time I have been around to run the Leafy 10k and I really enjoyed it. The cakes were great too!