BMAF XC Champs – Sunday 13 March 2016

Lesley Pymm reports:  This year the BMAF XC event was in Bath again – I did it there a few years ago when there was a BvH men’s team competing as well.  I think I was the only one in teal there this year!  The run is at the back of the university, so facilities are good if the course lacks a bit in excitement!

I walked up from where I was staying as the Bath 1/2M was on the same day and many roads were closed.  I had planned to get a bus, but decided that I could end up hanging around at a bus stop and the bus may be diverted – a walk was probably best although it was all uphill.  Good warm up.  The weather was surprisingly warm and I was really hot by the time I got there.  I was in good time to grab a cuppa before sorting myself out.

Then it was a bit of a warm up and the women and older men (65+) gathered at the start.  We were given very detailed instructions about the course – which was really down this hill along the bottom, back up the hill and along the top and round again, then another two laps.  The major part of the instructions was that we DO NOT go back through the start again, we ONLY use it for the start.

Off we went, and I was picking people off.  The downhill was good and the ground was dry.  It was unusual not to have people shouting for me – there was a very welcome shout of ‘oh, well done Bournville’ at one point, which was good.  The uphill was harder and seemed to go on forever.  It was still uphill as we went around the top of the field and then we were going down again and the marshals were directing us back throught the start again – yes the one that we DO NOT use!  Oh well, it was where we were being sent and everyone was doing the same.  It probably made it slightly longer, but it was a bit short anyway.

I was never going to medal as there were so many really good runners there, but I felt I had a good run.  Angela Copson and Ros Tabor were both there battling it out.  Penny Barbour was 2nd in her category and Dot Fellows won hers.

I didn’t hang around for the men’s race as I was not supporting anyone and had to get off to meet the family for some well earned food.  I showered and walked down to Mike’s daughter’s house.  The grand children opened the door and young Tom asked if I was in the first 3 (Mike had obviously said that if I was, I’d be later as I’d have to wait for the presentations), when I said ‘No’, his reply was ‘Oh good, you’re just in time for lunch’.  It puts it all in perspective!


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  1. Sounds like a tough course Lesley, glad you had a good run 🙂 top 3 next time hey?