Black Country Half Marathon – 2nd July 2011

1st & 2nd in the Ladies race for Bournville Harriers

In very warm condtions, Linda Howell and Caroline Harlan-Marks were 1st and 2nd respectively in the Birmingham Black Country Half Marathon, held along the canal towpath between Wolverhampton and Birmingham.  There was a good turn out of BvH runners in this BvH GP event.


5 Replies to “Black Country Half Marathon – 2nd July 2011”

  1. Congratulations Caroline and Linda and to all the BVHers that ran

  2. well done ladies!!!

    i was late on parade last night and completely missed this

  3. I’m still trying to work out whether or not I enjoyed this one! I did it because it is the only longer distance event in the GP which is not road, and I can’t run that far on road because of my arthritis. I did not find it as boring as I thought I would but you do need to keep focussed. I found the tunnel difficult: I slowed down as I was afraid of tripping, and people wanted to get past me. With so little support it was about the runners encouraging eachother. I am used to events where there is not much support, so that was OK. The marshals were great and some of the people on boats were supportive. I am not used to running so far on a flat course and I am taking longer to recover than I would if it was a hilly 1/2. Still, I am pleased to have done it and at least I won’t have only done the shorter distance events in the GP. Well done to everyone else who did this one.

  4. Having completed a 5k Park Run in Birmingham prior to the start of The Black Country Half-Marathon (no I didn`t run in the Half-Marathon!) I can confirm that the local weather conditions were very warm. Running long distance successfully in such temperatures requires much preparation,hard work,effort and determination. The 21 BvHers (11men + 10 women) who successfully completed this Race are to be CONGRATULATED. Great to see Linda and Caroline 1st and 2nd and to see Stuart Pearson cross the Finishing Line in 01:27:57. Also,well done to all the other BvHers —- You were all great ambassadors for Bournville Harriers and should be proud of yourselves.
    Barrie Roberts

  5. I think the tired, not quite with it, smiles on both of us says it all! Great day made special by all the BvHers taking part and supporting, thanks to Becky, Nic, Steve, Mel, Paul D and Sue E for their support which got us through to the finish 🙂