BIrmingham University 5k – 16 Oct 2011

Lesley Pymm reports: Owing to the relays the day before and other events, there were only a few runners from BvH at the Uni 5k on Sunday – but loads of spectators.

There were times when the shouting was absolutely deafening. It was fantastic. Thank you all for your support. The course is a very complicated one. I did run this two years ago (the last time it was run) and remember not being able to work it out then.

I studied the map before the race started on Sunday, but was still none the wiser. It is a strange course, with some hills, totally traffic free and a good run. A few people took a tumble at the beginning, but they got up and ran on. It was well marshalled and we all found our way round this course.

It was good to see some of our newer members out there and running well. Well done to all who competed.

BvH results:

GunPos GunTime Forename Surname Gender Cat Chip Pos Chip Time
9 0:18:29 Stuart Pearson M 40 9 0:18:27
15 0:18:54 Chris Harlan-Marks M 15 0:18:52
16 0:18:59 Matt Slater M 16 0:18:56
40 0:21:14 Paul Gorman M 40 0:21:11
55 0:22:36 Martin Foster M 55 55 0:22:32
77 0:25:34 Lesley Pymm F 55 77 0:25:29
109 0:29:51 Michelle Brookes F 109 0:29:40
135 0:35:14 Monica Barratt F 45 135 0:35:02
136 0:35:16 Elaine O’Learey F 55 136 0:35:04
137 0:35:22 Nicola Minogue F 35 137 0:35:10


Full results.

2 Replies to “BIrmingham University 5k – 16 Oct 2011”

  1. Thank you for taking those photos. I was hoping I’d be able to see one of me running with my eldest son in the fun run and you’d taken one! A difficult run that day although I’d done it two years ago I’d forgotten how tough the spiralling hills were but all in all I was very pleased with my time. It was also great to hear such support from the rest of BVH for us mere mortals running at the back of the pack!