Birmingham Half Marathon – 23 Oct 2011

A huge turnout from Bournville Harriers brought many PBs with Linda Howell 11th lady and Orlando Corea 22nd male and 1st in his age category.  Club age records for Orlando Corea, Gary Blackman and Barrie Roberts. In all we had over 80 runners representing the club.

Below are the results from those listed as Bournville Harriers runners in the official results. Let us know if you ran but aren’t listed.

Some pics here and here. Also, Brian Smith is uploading some throughout the week (like the one above) and he usually does his best to photograph every teal vest he sees.

Full results searchable on the official website.

Steve James has updated the club records for men and women. Plenty of great PBs in there, do check them out.

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  1. Re headphones, I had them in but didn’t actually turn my ipod on. Didn’t need to. I soaked up all the support all around the course and it helped massively.

  2. just to echo something brian said above
    those of you who ran with headphones in missed out on all the support you could have had. we were shouting and clapping and people missed it completely. i know we all run differently but it seems odd to me (as well as against the rules of UKA races, but that’s a whole nother discussion)


  3. My first half Marathon!!, In fact my first run ever beyond 8 miles, and loved every minute of it (most of it anyway!) What an event!. Feel very proud to be a part of it all, even if I was the last BvH in 🙂 but then i only started running in May at the beginners course, so am feeling very pleased with myself. Thanks to all the supporters, you don’t realise how much it helps, and thanks to everyone at BvH. A brilliant club, and a lovely bunch of people xx

  4. Well darlings;…. Some loose footwork on the turns….( not so much half a marathon, more like a loose bag of malteasers)… The pickups where sloppy, red, yellow, blue?… too confusing….. but that’s down to the choreography (cue, stage managed argie bargie with stroppy aussie pro)…. Watch the hand extensions…. Hello mum is all very well… but your not cleaning the queens windows…. Don’t trip over the mat at the end of your routine ( it’ll cost you points!).

    Over all much improved from last week ( not difficult) and although your up against a splitting bin-bag full of old carpet underlay, you should be through to the next round….but that’s down to the public vote…. they’re mainly idiots…. so you should be ok.

    Well done-ish

  5. Well-done all. What a turn-out! Looking at the times people have done, there are some really big improvements over the years. Just shows what a club BvH is! I am suitably jealous as I was due to run on the day, but a recent virus put paid to proper training for many weeks. Looking forward to getting back to the club.

  6. well as a supporter i felt very humble to see how many bournville harrier compeditors took part and to se the smiles on the faces of those that heard us some had there earphones on so could not get to them,well done to all those who acchieved a personal best. how about turning out for the x country runs the support is all there

  7. Clearly a day to remember.A wonderful celebration of running,and indeed in such good company too. I appreciated the wonderful support;especially from the BvHers,around the course. However,I don`t recommend `hedge-cutting` as a cross training activity! `Ibuprofen` enabled me to get around,but two days later I`m still in quite a lot of discomfort from `something` near the base of my spine.Surely it can`t be old age!!
    Excellent turn-out from Bournville Harriers.Can`t wait for next year! Well done everyone.
    Barrie Roberts

  8. Fabulous support in Bournville. Glad to have participated, glad to have gotten round, glad to be a member of such a great club. May need time to reflect on whether I have developed a bug for this kind of thing. The hill at 10 miles was a bit of a shocker !

  9. The support for Bournville Harriers was amazing throughout the course. Thanks for all the cheering it really helped 🙂

  10. Thanks so much everyone for the support along the way, really kept me going! The chap I was running with between 3 & 10 miles commented on how much support we had out, think he was jealous-as well he might be!

    Very proud to be part of such a great club, well done everyone on the day, both participating & supporting, may your legs/hands/throats make speedy recoveries.

  11. Wow – what a turnout and incredible BVH results! Did a lap of Centre Parcs on Sunday morning but it wasn’t quite the same – wish I had been there! Proud to be part of BVH – well done everyone!

  12. This event marks exactly 12 months since I joined BVH – the best decision I ever made!

    What a great day – first class organisation – getting a glipse of Gebreselassie as he flashed past us in Selly Park – brilliant support from Chi chi at Cartland Rd, the BVH group just past Bournville station, the crowds along Linden Rd, My family on Maryvale Rd, Sean Rose in Stirchley………..and loads more too. Thanks to everyone – it really pushes you on.

    Felt I ran well upto the 10 mile mark – then I fell apart. Hill seemed worse than last year? Didn’t have anything left for the glory sprint down Broad Street – but overall enjoyed the day. Well done BVH.

  13. aviator sunnies are obviously very helpful so i shall be purchasing some before i race again


  14. As above, thank you for all the support especially in Bournville. This was my second half and my first since having a second baby so although I achieved a personal worst I was proud to have got round and hope I didn’t disgrace the club in my teal vest!!
    I think a campaign to cut out St James Rd for next year is in order though! The last three miles killed off any hope of beating my time from two year”s ago.

  15. Hi Guys – well done to all of you, there were some amazing times run yesterday and the sea of teal was there for all to see on channel 5!! It was great to see some of you yesterday and the support was fab as usual….maybe see you at the XC nationals!! 🙂

  16. Agree with all, fantastic day, well done to all BVH runners, loads of teal on Channel 5 yesterday! Thanks to all your wonderful support throughout the race as well, made my hairs stand up!

  17. Huge congratulations to everyone who took part in the Birmingham Half Marathon yesterday, especially to the “newcomers”. We were very proud to be cheering on so many teal vests as you came through Bournville!!

  18. Congratulations to everyone that ran yesterday, we had a great morning supporting you all. Sorry to those of you that we missed!
    Whilst impatiently waiting for the results I looked on Bupa website at the Great South Run, some of the people running for GBR have half marathon times of 63 minutes…need I say more?!

  19. Thank you everyone for all the support along the course yesterday, it was fantastic 🙂 I don’t think I would have made it round without everyone being there cheering. Yet another day where it made me feel proud to be part of Bournville Harriers.

  20. Congratulations everyone who took part and the support, esp through Bournville and Cannon Hill park, was superb. Personal thanks to Gary Blackman as running with him from mile 2 to 8 really helped me set my time.

  21. for those who asked that i delete my pictures – you know who you are – its a new camera and i managed to take quite a few pics of fast moving trees and that’s about it so they will not be made public 😉

    it was fantastic fun supporting everyone, and it was amazing how the teal vests just kept on coming!!
    well done everyone

    we left the park at 1 and people were still coming through!!

  22. Congratulations to all the BVH runners – some amazing performances there which you should all be very chuffed with. A huge thank you to everyone who was out cheering on the Harriers. It was my 1st half marathon and a pretty tiring one at that, but having you guys there really helped keep me going (or at least distracted me from the pain)!

    Now, back to the ice bath…

  23. Just watched the coverage on Channel 5’s website, and there is a lot of teal on camera! We had a great turnout, and it’s apparently been well-documented. Good publicity. 🙂

    Also, huge thanks to everyone who turned up to support. I felt pretty horrendous towards the end in particular, so it was much appreciated.