Beginners 5km Results and Photos

Well done to all of our beginners for completing the 5km course at the club. You all did brilliantly, putting in some fantastic efforts and doing yourselves proud. You are an inspiration to us all! Many congratulations from everyone at BvH.

Bournville Harriers Beginners 5km Results   20/06/2014
Position Name Time Comments
1) Swetta Coopamah 29.01
2) Samatha Day 29.43
3) Sarah Ballard 31.03
4) John Boone 31.18
5) Charlotte Minogue 32.15
6) Becky Minogue 32.19
7) Marie Taylor 32.36 Finished Together
7) Natalie Ghafoor 32.36 Finished Together
9) Emily 32.51 No Number
10) Robin Haslam 33.16
11) Pete Tighe 33.36
12) Marie Clancy 33.41
13) Anna Nickels 33.57
14) Kevin Connolly 34.08
15) Maria Connolly 34.29
16) Jacqui Stevens 34.39
17) James Seymour 37.57
18) Kimberley Hunt 39.17
19) Sharon Savage 39.22
20) Kerry Evans 40.08
21) Selena Davis 40.25
22) Sara Mason 40.28
23) Angela Bates 40.45
24) Clare Jackman 40.57
25) Sara Brookes 41.23
26) Hannah Strevens 41.36
27) Cath Hamshaw 41.47 Missed Start time amended accordingly
28) Katherine Vaughan 43.41
29) Andrew Lavoipierre 44.41
30) Alan West 45.54
31) Louise Walsh 48.31
32) Vicki James 54.47
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6 Replies to “Beginners 5km Results and Photos”

  1. Well done Alison 🙂 Turn up outside Rowheath Pavilion on a Monday or Thursday at about 7.15 and you’ll be sorted 🙂

  2. I was away on holiday for the last week of the course so was unable to participate in the 5K. However, I have completed the 5K Race for Life today at Cannon Hill Park in a time of 33 minutes 21 seconds which absolutely amazed me!! Thank you so much to all at Bournville Harriers who arranged/assisted with the Beginners Course – I thoroughly enjoyed it, particularly the support of Harrier members who were so encouraging!! Please let me know about the transition group as I would love to attend.

  3. Well done! Great running and real determination getting up that hill! (also some really nice cake!)

  4. Well done everyone!!! …….very proud of you all !! xx
    …..a quote I seen the other day that you should keep in mind…..

    “I run because I used to be envious of people that could run,
    and now I am that person.” xxxxx

    Congratulations everyone……keep up the running…don’t lose all the hard work you have put in….
    and don’t forget… we are still here for any support..

  5. Congratulations to all the participants in this year`s Beginners 5km Run. You `did yourselves proud.` We hope that many of you will choose to join Bournville Harriers which has to be one of the friendliest running clubs in the country.But, whatever you do,good luck for the future.
    As a teenager (some time ago now!) I remember seeing a Health Education Council poster on the wall which stated that:


    And so it can be —– But it is not just about taking regular exercise eg.walking,running,swimming,cycling,and gardening.
    Good health is a holistic matter ie. body,mind and spirit. Mutual support and encouragement and socialising are an important part of being in the running fraternity .

  6. I was so glad to see everyone working so hard and enjoying themselves. Well done to you all 🙂