Becky Hampson reports on the Women’s National 4-Stage Road Relays – Oct 2013

Well Saturday arrived with driving wind and rain, we had no tent and a team confirmed less than 12 hour before. But despite the weather and last minute injuries and illnesses, with some people having to change ‘legs’ (not actual limbs I hasten to add) several times, the Bournville Harriers Women did us proud as ever. We found a nice tree to shelter under and Paul brought a pop up tent. There was the usual supply of delicious cupcakes and even, this time, a pumpkin pie thanks to Laura Gale.

The first legs were taken on by Nic Sykes for the A team, Fiona Blackman for the B team and Becky Hampson for the C team. Nic had the fastest run of the day, completing the leg in 16.02, passing the metaphorical baton onto Marianne Hensman, Fiona to Laura Gale and Back to Jude. From a personal point of view that ‘not quite 3 miles’ hurt A LOT and to see Jude standing at the top of the hill cheering me on before she ran was a great motivation to me. Another example of Bournville spirit.

The third leg runners Linda Howell, Julie Delahaye-Slater and Rachel Ward continued to push on through the rain and fought hard for each place in the race. For the final leg runners the race was fairly spread out so, Laura Leslie, Lisa Cartwright and Claire McHugh had to push themselves for fastest times to bring it home!

As results posted on the website show, we finished in 45th position, 59th position and 66th position respectively. The most notable achievements for us this weekend was that we were one of only four other clubs out of sixty nine to field three complete teams, a pretty mean feat if you ask me!


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  1. Well done to all of you. Great times and a great spirit! I see the significance of Jude’s comment on my report from Malvern where she said she was pleased the rain held off for us. I’m sorry it didn’t hold off for you. At least it will have kept you cool. Great running and great to have 3 teams out. Brilliant!!!!