Autumnal 5 Mile Road Race Coventry – 24th August,2011

Barrie Roberts reports: My wife Katie and myself left our Harborne home at 4:30pm and headed for the Memorial Park, Coventry via the A45. The rush hour was quieter than we expected and we got to our destination within an hour.

By that time it was raining quite heavily and seemed more like autumn than summer! I had pre-entered and already had my race number. We were cheered up with the arrival of BvH stalwarts Marie and Martin Foster. Martin and myself had entered the Race and Marie and Katie were our support team.

The 5 mile course, accurately measured, consisted of 3 clockwise laps – one small and two longer loops along undulating tarmac paths within the park itself. Times were effected by the relatively large field and the narrowness of the paths in places and by the fact that it had rained heavily prior to the start and was wet and slippery underfoot. So, no world records.

I managed to complete the 5 Miles in just under 40mins (haven’t done that for a while!) and Martin Foster, who ran soundly in the conditions was hot on my heels – it’s usually the other way around! We both, perhaps, can claim that it was a good training run. The Race was well organized by Coventry Godiva Harriers.

First across the line was Toby Spencer, Coventry Godiva Harriers SM in a time of 25:19. By contrast, the last to finish took just over the hour.

Full Results. (PDF)

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