Advice on Heat Injury Prevention

Club member and also part of the BvH coaching team, Dr Mike Berry MD, MRCP (UK), has very kindly provided some excellent and valuable advice on heat injury prevention.

Mike is a Consultant Respiratory Physician and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Medicine at the University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust Selly Oak Hospital Birmingham. He has provided this advice on heat injury prevention following worrying comments at the club about running in the heat.

This is a really useful guide which is applicable to training and racing in warm weather.

4 Replies to “Advice on Heat Injury Prevention”

  1. Thanks Mike. Really useful advice. I’m thinking the body composition bit might be my downfall…

  2. Thanks Mike. Really useful presentation. Maybe the glasses or red wine the night before VLM weren’t the wisest of choices!

  3. Thanks for this really important advice Mike. I’ve read it and taken it on board. Like Ewan, I also found Sunday difficult with the heat.

  4. Thanks for the advice. I could of really used this on Sunday at the Lichfield half – I got completely destroyed during the race with the heat! Worst half marathon I have run so far!! Can we ban the sun?