26.2km Kilomathon – Nottingham to Derby 14th March 2010

BvH take part in the World’s first Kilomathon.

Report from James Gittins

When entering for this race back at the end of last year, I was sold on the uniqueness of the race being the first of its kind, 26KM plus a guaranteed PB. The race is from Nottingham University to Pride Park, Derby FC, with a 9am start. An early start to say the least, Primo (Zavoli) knocked on my front door at 5.30am, as we had planned to leave the car at the finish in Derby and use the official transport to get to the start. The organisers had advised being at the bus stop for 7am to allow plenty of time to get to the start. So there we are 7.15, arriving at the start, in the cold having to now wait for another hour and forty five minutes, nothing better than being organised! Good news we weren’t alone, many other runners doing the same thing, leaving cars at the finish and using the public transport to get to the start. Approximately 5000 runners took part in the race.

We met up with Julie (Delahaye Slater), Nicola (Morris) and Helen (Lawrence), who had arrived via their chauffeur Matt (Delahaye Slater), presumably all having had a lie in!

I have to congratulate the organisers though to be honest, as everything seemed to be really well organised, especially the start as they managed to set us all up in our correct pens by filing us efficiently down the road to the start line.

The race itself was challenging with the wind against all the way, I overheard someone state the obvious, that as we are not running laps or a course, the wind would be in our faces all the way.

Going out of Nottingham, the route takes you into the countryside, some scenic villages, with great support all the way. Running in KM’s was different, but fun, as they seemed to pass by quicker. I felt reasonably comfortable most of the way, no real hills to worry about, mainly flat course, ideal for a PB I kept reminding myself, until I remembered that would happen without having to try.

My first half was in 1 hr and 7 minutes, which I was pleased with, especially as I had a pee stop as well. The second half however was better and the crowds near the end spurred me on and coming down the final straight, I was welcomed by Matt cheering from the sidelines. Thanks Matt.

Finished in 2:11:24secs, which is a PB! I was very impressed with the congratulations text message I received from the Kilomathon race team within 15 mins of finishing, telling me my time and when the photos will be available.

The others all did great times too, well done to you all, we have made history!

Times (sorry if I’ve missed anyone)

Pos Name Time Cat
63 Steve Cumley 1:48.20 SM
809 Nicola Cumley 2:09:45 SF
901 James Gittins 2:11:24 M40
2137 Nicola Morris 2:27:45 SF
2196 Julie Delahaye-Slater 2:28:21 F35
2379 Helen Lawrence 2:30:39 F35
2945 Primo Zavoli 2:40:20 M60