Midlands Road Relays – 2nd April

The Teams for the Midlands Road Relays at Sutton Park this Saturday can be seen below.

The Mens race starts at 12:00 and the Womens at 12:20 so please arrive in good time to collect your number and warm up.

Men – A Team

1- Matt Pollard (long)
2- Dean Parker (long)
3- Iain Jones (long)
4- Olly Kirkland (long)
5- Simon Newman (short)
6- Andy Hoole (short)
7- Andy Wheeler (short)
8- Dave Powner  (short)
9- Jack Roberts (short)
10- Simeon Whiting (short)
11- John Cheel (short)
12- Stu Pearson (short)
Women – A Team
Linda Howell (long)
Monica Baptista (short)
Laura Gale (long)
Charlotte Hall (short)
Rhian Littlewood (short)
Liz Lepa (short)
B Team
Eleri Lougher (long)
Sarah Rock (short)
Nicola Morris (long)
Sharon Newman (short)
Stacey Marston (short)
Jude Glynn (short)
C Team
Nicola Mann (long)
Collette Greenhouse (short)
Philomena Williamson (long)
Emma Hopkins (short)
Lesley Proctor (short)
Lesley Pymm (short)
Good luck to everyone running!

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