Medley Relay Virtual Challenge!

Our next Virtual Challenge is open for entry! Click here to add your name and contact details. Your entry must be received by Sunday 14th June

The draw for teams of three will be made on Monday 15th June, and then you and your team have a week to complete your runs.
Each team must choose which team member completes each distinctly different leg. When all teams have completed, your team will score points for each leg, depending on how well you did compared to every other competitor doing the same leg.

The three legs are:

1. Race 5k as best you can. The faster the better!
2. Predict your time to run 10k, and run it without looking at your watch. The closer the better!
3. Gain as much elevation as possible in 20 minutes of running. Elevation reported by Strava or Garmin etc will be used. You can do hill reps or just enjoy a long hilly run. The hillier, the better!

If you need help planning a 10k route, or working out your elevation, then make yourself an account on Strava, get in touch, and we will help!

Scoring works in the same way as Cross Country races – 1 point for coming 1st, or 12 points for coming 12th.
Male and female points will be separated on all legs (1st male and 1st female both score 1 point, etc)

– Team “ABC” decide that Annabelle will do the fast 5km, Bruce will predict his 10km time and run it without looking at his watch, and Carly will do 20 minutes hills.
– Annabelle was 3rd fastest female, and scores 3 points.
– Bruce was the 7th most accurate male, and scores 7 points
– Carly’s 20 minute run had the 8th most elevation amongst the females, and scores 8 points.
– Total score for Team ABC is 18. Remember lowest score wins!

A reminder if you need it, to please ensure to adhere to current social distancing guidelines, and do not leave your home if you are showing symptoms.

England Athletics’ coronavirus statement can be found here:

Participation in the challenge is open to Bournville Harriers club members only (i.e. those who were members as at 31 March 2020, or members who have renewed/joined for the new membership year 2020-2021).

How to take part:

Step 1: Register here!

Step 2: Await the draw for teams, on Monday 15th June

Step 3: Get in touch with your team, and discuss who should run which leg

Step 4: Let us your team’s 10k runner, and their predicted time. You can do that here

Step 5: Run! Ensuring that you adhere to current social distancing guidelines.

Step 6: Show us proof of your performance, and register your performance here

Step 7: Commence banter on social media, and await the results!

Good luck, and enjoy!