29th British Masters Road Relays Championships

Mens Road Relays Team Manager Olly Kirkland announces the Teams for this event:

I’m pleased to announce that the following teams have been entered for the forthcoming Masters Road Relays Championships next Saturday 14th May at Sutton Park. The course is approximately 3.6 miles in length.

Please be at the club tent an hour before you expect to start your leg to enable you to collect your number and warm up before racing.

3 Stage M55 Team – 12.15 pm start

  1. Pete Hickman
  2. Steve Doswell
  3. John Cheel

4 Stage M45 team – 2.00 pm start

  1. Andy Wheeler
  2. Stuart Pearson
  3. Daniel Wilson
  4. Dave Harte

6 stage M35 A Team – 2.00 pm start

  1. Dean Parker
  2. Paul Thompson
  3. Iain Jones
  4. John McKeon
  5. Oliver Kirkland
  6. Richard Rollins

6 stage M35 B Team – 2.00 pm start

  1. Andy Hoole
  2. Jim Clarke
  3. Dave Powner
  4. Dan Harvey
  5. Adrian Fowler
  6. Matt Slater

See you all next Saturday