Member of the month January Kristy Mabbett

How long have you been a member of Bvharriers? 

Almost 3 years, I joined from the Beginners’ Course in 2018.

If you see me at the Pavilion bar you can buy me a. ………………..

Raspberry gin with Lemonade and lots of ice!

Favourite racing distance? 


Favourite race/event?

Worcester 10k-this was the first 10K I ever ran.  I went with Jon, Ian, Ruth and Michelle who I’d met on the Beginners’ Course and it was one of the most fun days out I’ve ever had. We ran it again in 2019, and even though we had to miss 2020 for obvious reasons, I’m hoping we can all go together again this year. 

Proudest moment as a runner? 

Winning the 4x4x4 relay with Legalicious (still hoping for Xenofon to paint a mural of us on the wall of the changing rooms!!)

If you were trying to entice someone into joining Bvharriers what would you tell them about the club? 

You’ll meet some lovely people who will change your life!