Meet the Committee

Dave Powner

BvH Chairperson – Dave Powner


Tom Bunn


BvH Vice Chair – Tom Bunn



BvH Secretary – Suzanne Bunn



BvH Treasurer – Richard Shearing


Stewart Crowton


Membership Development & Newcomers – Stewart Crowton


John Cheel 

BvH Membership –  John Cheel


Suz West


BvH Head Coach – Suz West


Stacey Marston


BvH Communications – Stacey Marston


BvH Events Coordinator – Sue Ward




Women’s Cross Country Manager – Rhian Littlewood


Ian Mackenzie XC Team Manager


Men’s Cross Country Manager – Ian Mackenzie


Jude Glynn


Team Manager, Women’s Road Relays – Jude Glynn


Simeon Whiting


Team Manager, Men’s Road Relays – Simeon Whiting


Kristy Mabbett


BvH Social – Kristy Mabbett


Claire Daniels


BvH Kit – Claire Daniels


Linda Goulding


Ordinary Member – Linda Goulding


Ian Forman


Ordinary Member – Ian Forman


To find out more about the committee and the different roles please click here: BvH Committee.