Running gear (inc. high-vis stuff) available at Aldi

Aldi will have running gear in stock from Thursday 10 October. There was cycling stuff there last week, which included reflective/flashing arm and leg bands, so there’s a chance they will have some of those left too. The dark nights are well and truly here now, so we would encourage all of our runners to wear high vis and reflective kit on club nights – this is a good chance to pick some up for cheap!

Details of what will be available Thursday are here:

(Please be aware that none of the kit on offer is teal, and we cannot guarantee the same level of friendly and helpful service that members currently receive when attending BvH kit nights…)

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  1. The Works has “Running with the kenyans” for £2.99.
    (not in teal unfortunately, but you could always make a book jacket out of craft paper)

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