Run With Us

There’s no need to join the club immediately as we’d prefer you to come along and run with us for a few weeks, to help you decide if we can give you the running experience that you seek, before parting with your hard earned cash.

If you’ve already decided that you want to join, please continue to this page –  Joining as a New Member

Whether you are a regular competitor looking for a new club and a new challenge, or just starting to run, we invite you to run with us and find out why Bournville Harriers is the running club for you. We aim to provide the following benefits:

  • A welcoming and friendly club – supportive of runners of all abilities
  • A great ‘camaraderie’ team spirit
  • Two official club training sessions every week
  • Established training routes with downloadable maps
  • Qualified coaching team
  • Organised club events throughout the year
  • Great social activities
  • Internal ‘Teal Targets’ club championship focused on local events
  • Free car park, changing facilities and licensed bar at the Rowheath Pavilion
  • Free race entry for road relays and cross country team events
  • Range of discounted Bournville Harriers training kit
  • Regular talks/advice on different aspects of running and training
  • Opportunities to be actively involved in the management of the club

Many of our members have years of experience, have competed at the highest level and are willing to share advice to improve your running experience. Our team of qualified coaches can provide support and guidance to enable you to achieve your own personal goals.

We all share a common aim – the desire to run, to improve our performance and enjoy the experience of running.

If you are planning to join us for a run, please click HERE to complete our enquiry form so that we can ensure you have someone of a similar pace to run with during your first few sessions.

To take part in a club run, we require that you can complete five miles within one hour. 

The club can only accept members who are over 18 years old. 

If you have any further queries, then feel free to email us –

Details of how to find us can be found HERE.

Please note that only paid-up members of Bournville Harriers are covered by the club’s insurance, so if you come along for a run with us before you join, you agree to undertake this at your own risk.

The officers of Bournville Harriers Running Club cannot be held responsible for existing medical conditions or any detrimental effect on the health and well-being of an individual as a result of involvement in club activities.

58 Replies to “Run With Us”

  1. Hi Jules, Ed is right – it is all there. Just to make it easy, Monday & Thursday is 7.20 pm and Saturday is 8.00 am. I suggest a Monday or Thursday to start off with. If you are running in the dark a reflective bib/top is advised. Hope you make it.

  2. Jules look to your right, it’s all there in words and numbers, or simply browse the previous informative, and sometimes amusing comments… It really is that easy.

  3. Found you guys yesterday but missed stsrting time

    What time on thurs and sats again all going well will be this sat if not the monday after 18th feb how much per session ?


    oh and will I need a reflective vest?

  4. Hi again, Jules – Rowheath is just a warm up jog away from Linden Rd. Stay on Linden Rd, past Cadburys. When you get to Mary Vale Road turn right. Along there, straight over Selly Oak Rd and then you will come to Rowheath Pavillion on the left hand side. You will see all the runners milling about. Make yourself known to them and they will help you to find the right group to run with. Shorter runs are about 5 miles and there are various longer ones as well. I don’t know what distances you are doing at the moment. Don’t worry about it, everyone is really friendly and helpful and they will help you to settle in. Enjoy!

  5. I Will prob come On monday Where is rowfields? Is it near linden road How long Will yhe run be Thanks.

  6. Hi Jules,

    Lesley is absolutely right. Our Beginners Course is mainly to support people who have done little or no running at all to get to where they can comfortably run 3 miles. If you have done half marathons in 2:15 in recent years, you will be absolutely fine to come along on a normal club night.

    If you want to have a look at the route ahead of time, we have maps here: Otherwise, if you have an idea of about how far and fast you would feel comfortable running, we’ll make sure you have a group to run with.

    Anyway, give it a go! Everyone’s really friendly. 🙂

  7. Actually Jules – reading your posting again – you are not a beginner. Come to an ordinary session!

  8. Jules – go to the tab at the top of the page – there is a link to the beginners course 2013. It gives you all the details. If you can run a few miles, then come along and give a session a go!

  9. Oh OK

    I would like to start in the Bgeinners i have done some half marathons in the past for three years finished around 2h 15 so want to run in beginners

    When do the beginners club start thanks lesley

  10. Jules – Cofton Park is our cross country training venue on a Saturday morning. Monday and Thursday training is at Rowheath Pavillion in Bournville. If you are an experienced runner, like Laura, just come along and meet people. If you are a beginner, then there is a beginners course starting fairly soon.

  11. Which is the best day to come for the induction and where do you meet I see cofton park is one of the venues, is there anything closer to cournevilee


  12. Hi,
    Thanks for the reply.
    I’ll try to come may be on thursday, depends on work, or next week.

  13. Laura – come to any club night – Monday or Thursday. Monday is a run – there is a list on the website with details of where to and links to the maps. Thursday is a reps session. Get to Rowheath about 7.15, ready for the ‘notices’ and then to start running at 7.30. There will be people of your speed, just have a word with whoever is leading the session. Try out for a few weeks to see that you want to join us (I’m sure you will!).

  14. Hi,
    I’ve started running about 3 years ago, I’ve done two half marathon (road and trail) and 5km and I’m getting bored of running alone and struggling to keep going and to improve my performance. So I think that joining a club would be a good idea.
    Is it possible to come to try a session? When would it be best for me to come?

  15. Thanks for the replies – sounds great 😀 I think i will probably pop by tomorrow night!

  16. Hi Carly – of course it is. Monday is a run over different distances in groups. Thursday is usually reps (unless there is a race at the weekend). Details of what is on are shown on the right under ‘events and races’. Just turn up at Rowheath. There is a brief get together at 7.20 and ready to run at 7.30. Hope you enjoy it – we are a friendly club!!!

  17. Heya, I’d be really interested in joining the club, would it possible to try a session or so before joining? I have previously been a member of an athletics club and am looking to get back into it!

    Thanks 🙂 Carly

  18. Hi would it be ok to attend training on Monday because i’m really intrested in joining up to bvh

  19. Hi
    Would like to come to training this Thursday (25/10), with a view to joining BvH
    Is that OK and do I have to ask for anyone in particular?

  20. There is no training fee Stuart, except in the spring and summer there is optional track training at Birmingham Uni at £2 a time. There is training on the same night starting at the Pavilion at no extra cost.

    We congregate at 7.20pm for a briefing/ share success session then go out running at 7.30pm. Usually for about an hour, depends on how fast you are and how long you run. There are plenty of groups to choose from, you won’t be left out or made to do something you don’t want to do.

    Joining will definitely help you improve and will open up a whole new world of running opportunities.

    Plus you get to meet Ed Hartley. Well worth the membership fee alone.

  21. I think the general Idea is you go along a few times to see if you like it (for free)… because once you join… you can never leave.

    the meeting times are to your……………………………………..right

  22. Sounds like a plan … what time do you run on Monday/Thursday ? and for how long ? and is there a training fee ? thanks …

  23. Turn up on mondays or thursdays, have a run, and take it from there.

    There’s a few Stuart’s in the club already, so you should feel at home.

  24. Hi,

    I’ve been running the Brum ½ marathon for the last few years and have also ran your ‘leafy 10k’ a few times too. I’ve just got a place for next years London marathon and feel I should actually join a club rather than trying to train on my own, so as I only live in Linden road, I thought you were the perfect club for me.

    Can you let me know what I need to do to join, when the training sessions are and what they consist of, and if there is a training cost on top of the membership fee ?

    I would like to maybe join in the next couple of weeks, so if there is someone I can call or if you can reply to the email, that would be great

    Hope to hear from you soon ..


  25. Hi Oliver, by all means come along and give it a go a few times to see if it’s for you before joining. Hopefully see you on Thursday. 🙂

  26. Hi,

    I’ve been meaning to join a club for the last couple of years but have done nothing about it as yet.After taking part in today’s 10k it has given me the desire to finally take the plunge.Would it be possible to come along on Thursday to try it out?

    Best regards


  27. Hi there,

    I’ve been running half marathons for 3 years and just starting 10ks.

    I was thinking about joining a club to help me improve but due to commitments in the evening (evening classes at college) I probably won’t be able to make your Thursday training sessions.

    Would it still be possible to join as a member bearing in mind I definitely cannot attend once a week?


  28. Hi Mark,

    Of course it is – come along a few times and be sure that we are the club for you! Monday is a steady run and Thursday is a reps session usually – you will be able to see what is planned from the website. Come to Rowheath at about 7.10. Everyone gets together at 7.20 for notices etc and then they all split into different groups for different speeds. There is also a beginners group that meets earlier.


  29. Hi, is it possible to attend a training session in the aim of joining….never been a member of a running club but run everyday but want to see if I can do a few races etc…..

  30. Hi Karl,
    I’ve just sent you an email. I’m sure you’ll find a group to train with, come along one Monday and try us out.

  31. Inspired by the Olympics I would like to train and be part of a local running club.
    I am concerned that I am too old and may be to slow to compete for your club.
    Would it be possible for me to come along to a training run to see how I fair ?

  32. Hi Nathan – we are an adult only club. If you are in our area, then the nearest club with a junior section is BRAT. They have a lot going on for youngsters.

  33. Hi there, my daughter is 9 and has not been running for long but she has shown a lot of promise, winning a few inter school events etc. Im now looking for a club outside of school to further her development. Does your club train children of her age or would she be too young? If not, do you know of any clubs that would be suitable for her? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

  34. Hi,

    Just joined as i fancied the tour of bournville. Can someone pm me with running club no. So i can enter a local race.

    Thanks Andy

  35. Hi, Jon and Stephen (and all new members who renewed on line) after having some much needed time off last weekend and recovering from the shock of being back at work this week, I am starting to process the new members this weekend, I hope to get emails to you all by Sunday as it’s road relays tomorrow. Any queries please email me directly at thanks, Linda

  36. Hi there, similar to Stephen, I have also just joined but have received no confirmation except the money leaving my account. Should I be expecting an email or something? Cheers, Jon.

  37. I have just joined online( after taking months to finally do so)

    do I receive any formal notication of my membership?, and how do I receive my club vest?


  38. Stephen, we are now taking payment for next year, joining now for £62 takes you through to April 1st 2013.

    Cheques payable to Bournville Harriers.

    Please hand form & payment to me (Linda Howell), Steve James, Sue Ward or Mike Scotney.

    Thank you

  39. I am looking to join bournville harriers. can you advise me when the new period statrts from ? is it 01/03 or 01/04, and is the cost still £62.00?

    are cheques payable to bournville harriers?

    I have completed the application form. can you advise me who I need to hand this to?


  40. Hi Neil

    Please feel welcome to join us on Saturday morning. We meet at 8am on the car park at Cofton Park (assessable from Lowhill Lane).


  41. Hi

    I have been running for a couple of years on my own but would like to join a club to improve my performance. I would ideally like to come and try a couple of sessions before I join. Is this ok and could I come this Saturday morning?

    Kind regards


  42. Hi, I am keen to start running as well. Previous life very active, however last few years this has become less and less. I noticed that your beginners course was in June last year, would you be starting earlier this year when the clocks go forward in March? I am sure there are many folks like me who wish to get started sooner!!

  43. Hi Adrian – I suggest that you have a look at the tab headed ‘beginners’ at the top of the website. There is usually a beginners group each spring – details are not published yet, but I am sure they will be soon. This is a really supportive group that runs over a few weeks to help new runners such as yourself to get into running. I warn you, it is addictive! If you are getting running shoes – go late in the day when your feet are at their largest, don’t go on a Sat as you may get less experienced staff there and look out for sales. Go to proper running shops – not general fitness shops as they tend not to have the specialist knowledge – Up and Running or Runners Need in Birmingham City Centre, Birmingham Runner in Hall Green, Sutton Runner, Sweatshop are all worth looking at. Many of them have treadmills and do an analysis of your running style. If you have some fairly supportive outdoor trainers, they would probably do to get you started. All the other things you talk about would be covered in our beginners course.

  44. i want to start out running. I’ve never really been “active” in my life, I. I’m not really good at any given sport, but running seems like a great way to get in shape and stayfit, I’d really appreciate some advice on were i would start. or If you guys have any advice from shoes (have very little money to spend on these) to routine to what I should eat, I’d really appreciate it! and once i pay the membership fee what sort of support will i get?

  45. Hello Dan, It would seem there is a £10 student discount on a full year membership, £57-£10=£47. So I imagine you would be able take about £4.50 -£5.00 of the Dec rate of £20, plus you can probably discount your EA affiliation fee of… I don’t know how much, as you would be a second claim member

    But I could be wrong…maths is a four letter word to me.

  46. My wife Katie and myself wouldn`t want to be in any other Club.BvH is a growing,evolving and friendly running club which caters for all adult Men and Women, abilities,ages, shapes and sizes.We are essentially a road running and cross country club,but have members who have run 100m track,marathons and ultra-distances;yes,and even a few tri-athletes.Our members run/race locally in and around South Birmingham and the West Midlands,throughout the United Kingdom and some have run even much further afield eg.Europe,America,South Africa,Australia/New Zealand.The social events/activities are also great fun,but not compulsory! — And there is a bar.
    Barrie Roberts
    PS.Responding to Dan Bird re: having BvH as `a second claim club.`Have a word with our Chair Steve James,or Membership Secretary,who will give you appropriate advice/guidance.In principle,there is no reason why you shouldn`t join us as a second claim club.

  47. So when you Join the Membership…
    Can you do all 3 Training Sessions at Bournville for Free?
    (I’m Thinking off maybe joining in December,
    but do I claim Bournville as My 2nd club, Because I’m in a
    Running Club in Manchester already?).
    And is there any Student Rates at all?
    Could Someone Help Me answering these Questions Please?