BvH Grand Prix 2011 – update

Revision to the Grand Prix series 2011. Note update re: Shakespeare Half below.

Please have a read of the revised document (PDF) and note:

1 / We have decided to change the scoring system. First home will still score 30 points, each following member scoring one point less for the first ten members to finish, but thereafter EVERY finishing member will score 20 points. This means that the minimum that can be scored for participating in a GP event is now 20 points (with the opportunity to score bonus points as before

2/ The Shakespeare Half Marathon is now FULL. We have found the nearest like for like half marathon and are replacing it with the Lichfield Marathon on Sunday 1st May. I believe this has an entry capacity of 2500 runners and is being organised by the same guys who organise Fradley, so it should be a fine event.

UPDATE: GP 2011 Update on Lichfield Half Marathon / Shakespeare Half Marathon:

As previously announced, the Lichfield Half Marathon on Sunday 1st May has replaced the Shakespeare Half Marathon on the GP owing to the fact that the Stratford Shakespeare Half is already closed to entries. However, a few people have already entered Stratford in the expectation that it would be on the GP (as it has in previous years) so as a one-off, we are going to amalgamate the results for these two events in calculating points for the GP. ie. somebody racing 1.45 at Lichfield will score more points than somebody racing 1.50 at Stratford, but both will count on the GP for this race (Race No.4). However, should you be racing both of these events, your time in the first event (Lichfield) will be the one that counts. PB points will score, but as Lichfield is a first-time run race, beating last years time for Stratford will not gain extra points.

3/ Please note that entries are now being accepted online for Ashby 20 (13 March), DK10km (Wed 4th May), Lichfield 1/2 marathon (1st May), Black Country 1/2 marathon (2 July) and Frampton 10km (11th July). Some of these, like Frampton, fill really quickly so please enter as early as you can

4/ There was an error on the prize information in the last version. This has been ammended.

Any questions please see me on club night or drop an email to

Rgds, Mike Scotney

For more information and race listing download our booklet (PDF).

12 Replies to “BvH Grand Prix 2011 – update”

  1. I welcome the Grand Prix 2011 – Revisions.I hope that more BvH members will enter this year. 8 races/events to qualify,rather than 10,should result in more of us being `in the frame` and potentially eligible to receive prizes/fame. Effort/endeavour as well as performance will be recognised,and so it is an event which will allow most of us,if not all,to challenge for `honours.`I would now anticipate that one or two `wrinklies`(our more mature Masters) might creep into the top 10! Whilst there might still be a need to `fine tune` the scoring system,in the light of experience,I think that Mike S and his team of advisers have gone a long way to addressing the concerns of some members as regards the competitiveness and fairness of the BvH Grand Prix.
    Gyda nerth ymlaen/Forward with strength
    Barrie Roberts M `N`

  2. Possibly, if a runner has already committed to a particular race,`genuinly believing that it was almost certainly going to be in the Grand Prix (The Stratford Half-Marathon is a good example,and very much the exception),then it ought to be possible for the organising group to give that person a `comparative` point score. I don`t think that there will be many participants in that situation.Each case would have to be looked at on its particular merit. ie. a race would have to have the usual 30 places points allocation,and in addition to that a `comparative` points allocation could be given to the agreed `special case.` ie.there could,for example, be two people with 10 points!
    Mike S was in a `no win situation` re: Stratford Half-Marathon and couldn`t really have taken any other action.Hopefully,there won`t be too many people in Sharon`s position re: entry.
    I hope that these thoughts are helpful. Barrie Roberts

  3. apologies, probably should have waited until i was not feeling cross before i posted

  4. i entered the stratford half months ago on the assumption it would be in the grand prix – you had said that it would be a “largely unchanged” list, and it has been in it the last two years

    i cannot do both, i am limited on how many races i can do a year and this is my target race for the spring.

    i am not happy

  5. I welcome Kelley`s comments,and I have a degree of empathy with much of what she has said. However,I do think that `we` need to be clearer about the aims/raison d`etre of the BvH Grand Prix.
    If it is ,truly,a BvH Club Event it needs to attract a far greater level of participation. I have looked at the Results for 2010, and I was surprised how few members got anywhere near the qualifying number of races.
    Furthermore, the over 50s don`t get a look in when it comes to getting into the first 5 places.It is not a question of `trying to please all of the people all of the time,`it is simply a question of BvH being `inclusive in philosophy` and being fair and reasonable in the events/competitions it promotes. The perception exists among some members is that the Grand Prix is really only for the faster runners in the Club (ie.with few exceptions,the younger runners). Looking at the evidence this should come as no surprise. Barrie Roberts

  6. Age grading is but one measurement – and it depends what we want the Grand Prix to ultimately recognise.

    It’s alright for the, cough, “more mature” quicker runners, but for the “less mature, steadier” runners amongst us absolute age grading means nothing and delivers zero “undulations”

    Like all things, we can’t please all the people all of the time – Mike and the team have put in a vast amount of time in organising and working through any number of ideas.

  7. I would also welcome age grading in the Grand Prix. It should not be that hard to manage as there are now computer programmes to assist. I hope that this can be organised.

    Lesley Pymm W55

  8. M60 Barry?…. you don’t look a day over M55.

    Ed Hartley M45, in a good light, and in another room

  9. Thankyou for your response Mike.I have downloaded the booklet(pdf) and have found nothing re; age grading which is other than `cosmetic and tokenistic.`
    The reason why the British Masters Athletic Federation publish age grade tables is that it is recognised that older people do not run as quickly as younger people —- And this is accepted by the 11 Areas which cover the UK;including Midland Athletics.
    The present CORE/MAIN SCORING SYSTEM,does not give our older members,with few exceptions, a realistic chance of challenging for the higher Grand Prix places.It is,therefore,a less competitive series of events than it might otherwise be.
    I don`t want to give the organisers/administrators of the BvH Grand Prix a scoring system which turns out to be a logistical nightmare.It may well be that for the forseeable future `we` stick with the presents scoring system,unfair though it be,and just issue Age Band Certificates to those who have deemed to earn,50-59,and 60-69.I am more than happy to help you and your team with this task.
    Barrie Roberts M60

  10. I’ve been told that the the Shakespeare Half Marathon is now full, so we will look to repleace the event with a like-for-like in the Grand Prix.

    Barry – I’ll have a chat with you on club night – we have plans to incorporate some age grading.

  11. The BvH Grand Prix continues to grow from strength to strength, and over the year gives members an opportunity to participate in a wide variety/range of different kinds of races. And I would want to say THANKYOU to Mike Scotney and all those who have worked so hard to make it all happen.The proposed 2011 Programme is excellent. However,a scoring system based heavily on being placed in the first 30 to finish,does mean ,that with few exceptions,older runners in the Club have little chance of being well placed in the Grand Prix. eg. a 25 year old should finish well ahead of a 55 year old. If members do really want a COMPETITIVE Grand Prix,then some form of age grading has to be introduced.The additional bonus points on offer do not compensate for the above core discrepancy in the scoring system.
    But how can we accommodate the wide age range at BvH without having a Grand Prix scoring system which is a logistical nightmare? Maybe,in addition to what `we` currently do,we just identify runners (Male and Female) in eg.40 – 49, 50 – 59, 60 – 69 age bands.
    Barrie Roberts M60
    I don`t expect a level playing field,but gentler undulations would be welcome!