Grand Prix 2011 News

As this years exciting Bournville Grand Prix comes to its finale we have being giving much thought as to how to make it even more interesting next year; stimulating greater participation and greater competition throughout the club.

Not just rewarding those who are at the faster end of the club, but rewarding those too with a healthy competition across different abilities. We think we may have hit upon some great ideas and will be sharing them in due course, naturally with the invitation of a right to reply should you have any recommendations on the future direction of the competition.

One major change though will be to stagger the start of the series. We anticipate that it will start at the beginning of March 2011 as to lead sensibly into our awards evening (usually set in March) and encompass a full X-Country season.

Our initial discussions have been very positive and once unveiled, we hope that you’ll agree that we’ll have a Grand Prix series to be enjoyed!

3 Replies to “Grand Prix 2011 News”

  1. The Grand Prix is a great Club Event and is clearly going from strength to strength.I welcome efforts being made to encourage greater participation and to `take onboard` ability groupings.Is it possible to have any age categories,or eg. is a 25 year old and 55 year old competing against eachother without any allowance being made for age difference?
    Barrie Roberts

  2. Hi Lesley

    The list will be fairly similar to last year and we’re hoping to finalise it in the next couple of weeks. There may well be a change in the scoring (and competition across ability groups) but the actual races will not chnage greatly

  3. When will the list be published? Last year I found that, by the time it was published, I had already booked other events into many of the dates. I am hoping not to do that this year – but I really do need to be booking some of the events that over-subscribe and I would like to prioritise the GP if I can. The list would be really helpful.