6 Replies to “Grand Prix 2012 standings – men”

  1. Final points are now up. Please claim your marshal bonus if you haven’t already – it could make the difference between winning a prize and not winning a prize! The bonus is awarded for helping out in any capacity at a BvH-organised race (Killer Mile, Leafy or Cofton XC). Your bonus points will only be added in if you’ve completed the GP series.

  2. Points now up to date. 1 race to go! Marshal bonuses added in for people who have done at least 8 races. (Please note – if you helped set up or take things down at the XC race but didn’t actually marshal because you raced, I’ve given you the points anyway. People’s help with the course/tents on the day was much appreciated).

  3. Updated on 14 December to include results from Sneyd Christmas Pudding 10 Mile race. Please view full spreadsheet (link above) to check my maths, and email me if I’ve screwed up your points. Official scores for people who have compled at least 8 races (in bold) now include Team and Club race bonuses (10 points for 3 team races, 10 points for at least one BvH-organised race).

    IMPORTANT – People who have marshaled at a club race can earn 5 bonus points for each race they helped out at. Claim your points by adding your name to this spreadsheet: http://bit.ly/QY8t4i They will show up once you have completed your 8 races.

  4. Updated on 15 November. Please check your points on the full spreadsheet (link above) to make sure I’ve done the maths right.