2010 Beginners’ Course review

Full report and review of this year’s beginner’s group which culminated in a 5km time trial which occurred on Thursday 29th July 2010. Clare Forknell reports on the trial and the build-up to it:

Undoubtedly all of us who ran the ‘Beginners Group 5K’ time trial achieved Personal Bests (or Personal Firsts) and were well and truly grateful for all the support shown by BvH.

6 weeks ago over 30 complete beginners, or those of us with little experience of running, met Steve Atkinson, Rachel Partridge and team at Rowheath Pavilion. I had emailed Steve just 3 days before tentatively enquiring whether there was any space left in the Group only to find he responded confirming I was added to the list and that there was no turning back. Great, thanks Steve.

Each training session consisted of a dynamic warm-up, a walking/jogging session, a mini team relay and static warm down. As the weeks progressed, we were “allowed out”, ably assisted by half a dozen club members who had taken time out to navigate us around Bournville and get us back, beetroot in colour, to the park. Friendships grow alongside our training to eventually allow an exchange of sentences of support to each other as we ran. A sign we were improving?

As week six approached it was explained we’d participate in a 5k race and much to our nervous amusement wear race numbers! On the day Alec led the way and we all ambled after him as best we could to be met at every turn by a club member who had turned out to marshal the route/provide encouragement. I’m proud to say we all finished, despite the hill back up to the park, with just enough wherewithal to grimace for the camera and grab a water just over the finish line.

Which leads me to thank, on behalf of all the Beginners Group, everyone who put so much time and effort into getting us up to 5k particularly Steve and Rachel for their excellent organisation, coaching and encouragement. Also to all the other club members who attended every evening to run with us and the fantastic support from the rest of the club around the 5k route and back at the finish line yesterday.

Time trial results:

The time trial was a culmination of a 6 week training programme co-ordinated by Steve Atkinson with the coaching support of Rachel Partridge. A big thank you must go to them and to all BvH members who gave gave their assistance, including Alex Croke, Martin Foster, Keith Elliot, Chris & Caroline Harlan-Marks, Steph and many, many more.

  1. There was a total of 45 beginners signed up to start.
  2. Ages ranged from 21 to 60.
  3. 17 (38%) people did not complete the course
  4. Of the 28 remaining, 23 (82%) completed the final 5km. The remaining 5 may run the course with on 9th August.
  5. The fastest time in the time trial was 26.35 min and the slowest 43.23 min.
  6. Only 3 (7%) men enrolled.

Photos of the time trial and group images are here.

6 Replies to “2010 Beginners’ Course review”

  1. Well done everyone – it is great to see so many people getting involved in a new challenge. Thanks also to all the club members who supported, it is brilliant to be part of a club that shows such commitment.

  2. Well done to everyone involved – participants and organisers alike!

  3. Lovely feel good report and picture.
    Great successes by both the club and all who took part.

  4. The last six weeks have been amazing. A big thank you to all BvH members who turned up to every session to help and many thanks to everyone who kindly surported with the marshalling on race day.

    I can honestly say everyone who came to the sessions really showed determination to achieve their individual goals.

    Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing you all on club nights. 🙂

  5. I really enjoyed being part of the beginners group this year, it was a lot of fun and I think that everyone did so well. If I were a beginner again I could not think of anyone better to help me out than Steve and Rachel, well done to the two of you, it was fantastic 🙂