This week’s Strength & Conditioning – Circuits!

Thanks to Jon Seadon for this week’s S&C session! Before trying the session please make sure you have a clear area to use and are wearing suitable clothing. Also please remember to only exercise if you are feeling well.

Try to do a few more repetitions of each move or attempt some of the harder options, like a few or even just one press-up on your toes.

Lunges 5 each leg
Squats 5
Jogging 10-20 seconds
High knees 10-20 seconds
Leg balance 10 seconds per leg

Do each of these for 30 to 50 seconds depending on your level of fitness. Rest for 10-30 seconds between each.
Bridge 30 seconds per leg
Press-ups Triceps
Press up shoulders
High Knees
Russian twist or cross crawl
Mountain climber
Single leg balance 1 minute per leg
Run on the spot
Side hop
Three step side run or skater
Squat jack
Squat jack touch down
Squat Burpee
Squat burpee jump

Fitness Challenge
If you are feeling confident with this week’s moves do a 50 rep burpee challenge – you have 150 seconds to do as many burpees as you can. Try to keep a nice even tempo this time.

Static stretches to finish
Anything else you want!

Jon has filmed himself doing most of this workout, nearly as described above. The challenge is the only difference. Try to stay more upright in your Russian Twists Mine are too low:

I find it helps a if you have some music going in the background. Here is a 1 hour playlist I like to work out to.…

Lorna posted some written instructions for some of the moves covered this week. You can find them here.…/1MxvhmlsL9pLMaTDPb3dPn4Nbf3…/view

Here are a few more video instructions for some of the other moves.


Squat Jump similar to squat tuck:



Thanks again to Jon for the workout!